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Vile anti-Sikh Rami Ranger on 'Khalistan' and Boris Johnson

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10 hours ago, Singh375 said:

Veer Ji is the book called In search of the true Guru? I just googled and searched for keyword “disease”. The following came up if that’s helpful? Page 207

ebook: https://www.gurukhoj.com/eBooks/Autobiography-Bhai-Rama-Singh-Ji.pdf


Yes veerji this is the page I was finding.Thanks a lot veerji.I just realised I checked the next page for it.I didnt realise it was there.🤣

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Isn't the real question, why do we laud someone just because they accumulated 'maya'? So many traditions including sikhi have stories of how it is false to worship people based on what they have as opposed to the content/actions of their minds. In a fake world, why should we make out that the 'fakest' people are the ones to praise/listen to? I've come across many like this guy, and while sycophants may laud them to feed their ego, they are generally quite dull folks, who in private are very lonely/miserable. 

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