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singhbj singh

Sheesha & Sikhi - An increasing problem in our society

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On 9/21/2020 at 7:26 PM, Redoptics said:

Problem is people try getting of cigs and do e cigs, but either way you get people looking down at them as you lot are doing.

I didn't see it that way. Good point. 

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My cousin gave up smoking all by himself without any professional help. He started smoking when he was 14 and stopped when he was around 40. He said if you really want to give it up then you can but you need to convince yourself and really try. 

If part of you wants to stop but then a part of you still wants to smoke then it ain't gnna work! 

I think a lot of people already feel defeated even before they try to stop, it's a mental thing aswell. 

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    • You know when we were your age over 10 years ago everyone did the same back then as well. Boys and Girls meeting each up at Nagar Kirtans, boys organizing fights at Nagar Kirtans etc. And I'm pretty sure people who are in their mid 30s they did the same stuff when they were 15, and the middle aged lot who are now in their mid 40s they probably did the same too. 10 years from now when you'll be 25, the current toddlers they will be dong the same too. It's not right, but my point is that this kind of behaviour happened every generation ...  Gurdwara for most people is a Punjabi centre while Nagar Kirtans are like carnivals, we just need the huge coloured ostrich feathers. 
    • Yh i believe they are real, but i don't think they are those pretty blonde ladies with fish tails etc lol   They are probably really ugly, some kind of Humanoid sea/fish creature type of thing. 
    • It's a woman even if she returns and claims to be a male to discredit my judgement. It's a woman. Only a woman objects to a light being shone on the unflattering and rarely mentioned aspects of her sex's psychology and habits. When I've dragged Sikh males over the coals on this forum, not one guy ever objected to me doing so. Neither did any Sikh females interestingly enough. Nobody said, "But not all Sikh males are like that." You all quietly accepted my assessment of the situation. Your silence meant you agreed. As for Ajeet, I castigated him in the past for not having the courage to spurn marriage. He only got married to get his parents off his back. He's deceived a woman into a lifelong union that should never have happened. He tried arguing in the past that what he'll provide for his wife will be no less than what a hetero husband would do for her (and therefore, in his mind, that makes it morally acceptable), which he feels is difficult to refute, yet I believe had the girl known about his orientation there is NO way she would've agreed. She deserved to know.  Despite all this, he asked for advice, and I gave him my take on the situation. I gave him an unpleasant and stark take on his problem. I won't grind my gears and shower this place with empty platitudes that are useless and impractical. I told him what MIGHT happen based on a few variables in play. I didn't bother softening or sugar coating what he needed to hear.
    • this seems a spurious sakhi because Amar Das ji's mind was won over by the singing of gurbani by Bibi Amro ji , he had no NEED to test the Guru , he was totally overjoyed to finally find his Guru ji  ever read 1st pauri of Anand Sahib ?
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