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Why do so many Canadian Sikhs try to speak with "blaccents"?

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5 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

This is pure lies.

Juts struggle with with accepting nonjuts as equals. Some twisted notion of supremacism is a norm, even if a handful of western educated juts claim to not believe in it (and make no difference to the situation anyway). There is systemic abuse and oppression of Mazhbhis by juts. Girls are abused too.  

They love alcohol and have deeply embedded caste based politics in even premier Sikh institutions, where they buy people's votes off with alcohol no less.  

Self-aggrandising to delusional levels seem to be a norm amongst them (look at all the videos and songs......), and they consistently fail to face up to the negative effects they have on the panth - to the point where they've actually decreased numbers by treating others so bad that they have left the panth. To top that all off, from what I'm hearing from relatives back home - hordes of juts themselves are converting to christianity now - for some perceived benefits. Juts dominate Panjabi politics, it only stands to reason that the current state of affairs on the ground there is the fruits of their own endeavors. 

And I've worked with Panjabi juts in construction quite a bit - so you can't tell me that I don't know their habits. They routinely rip each other off (not paying wages after getting work done). 

Before attempting a 'progressive approach' at least have a solid understanding of the problem - which is rooted in the cultural norms being practiced.

It's ridiculous to constantly try and highlight the jut contribution to the Khalistani lehar, whilst failing to acknowledge that those at the forefront of brutally suppressing it, were mainly juts themselves, who outnumbered the kharkus. That's what's worrying now. If it kicks off, how many sociopathic juts will join ranks with the gorment and do what they did during the 80s/90s? 


So many uncomfortable truths here.




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On 3/10/2021 at 3:46 PM, KhoonKaBadlaKhoon2 said:

 This is VERY prevalent in California, your home state??? especially in the bay area (Santa Clara, Hayward etc). As for Canada, it's quite true in Toronto area. Not as much in BC & Alberta. The Punjabis in BC are very active in their underworld, more so than any other diasporic community. 


You speak of California as if it is a tiny place and as if what is going on in the Bay area is also what is going on in my neck of the woods.

California alone has a larger population than all of Canada.


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On 3/12/2021 at 12:05 PM, TigerForce1 said:

Yeh that’s my point.  He had a support base in the UK from Kenyan Sikhs because of his caste.  He was a senior a Congress politician that’s why Oversees Congress Party made up of Kenyan Ramgharia Sikhs never withdrew their support for the Congress Party even after 1984 Bluestar attack.  It was a different story in Punjab because the Tarkhan/Ramgharia community have a connection to the land and more so their faith.  Loyalties differ from the two communities.  I must say that the Kenyan Ramgharia community did not do anything to damage the Khalistan movement but did not do anything to support it, nor did they play any part in protesting against the Indian government.  Really shameful if you ask me! 


What is with the Kenyan Jat community in the UK? I have noticed that they display many of the same traits that people on here attribute to Kenyan Ramgharias.

It's off-putting how they think they are somehow better than Sikhs whose parents came straight from India.


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On 3/11/2021 at 2:38 AM, puzzled said:

I was surprised that they still has some fight in them, after watching videos of the recent protests. I had the impression that after the 80/90s that fighting spirit died.

It's a good thing. I think a gym should open in every pind and wrestling/kabaddi should be encouraged.

After seeing the videos of the protests, there is some hope, because unfortunately I think we're heading towards another very dark period under the Indian government. Its worrying. 

The future seems very uncertain, but they're gnna need that fight. 



Don't give them too much credit.

The protests going on now have nothing to do with Sikhi. They are protesting for their economic livelihood. Don't get me wrong, I am on their side and I think that they are in the right. But at the end of the day, it still all comes back to their self-interest.


Do you think you would see a similar mobilization these days around Sikh-related issues? I doubt it.


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On 3/11/2021 at 5:04 AM, puzzled said:

I wouldn't take his views very seriously. He has an obsession, it's in his head and it's eating him away, it's worrying actually, not healthy at all. Things like that can make you unwell.

There does seem to be a rise in puratan Sikh culture among the youth in Punjab. Interest in horses, shastar etc  which is great. Its quite similar among the Sikhs in the West, an interest in puratan Sikh culture. 

Yeah, gym, kabbaddi etc really should be encouraged. It'll keep that fight alive. Also distract them from wrong things. 

The government knows that it's rural Sikhs that rebel, that's why majority of the youth that were murdered back in the 80/90s were rural youth. The government knew exactly who they were targeting. They weren't just random killings. 

It's why I thought the fighting spirit was dead after everything that happened in 80/90s,  but obviously it's not. 

Unfortunately I think we are heading towards some dark times, but I think people are better prepared this time. I think these recent protests are a huge wakeup call for them.

Yes, and the majority of people who tortured and killed the rural Sikh youth who rebelled in the 1980s were ... rural Sikhs


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On 3/18/2021 at 5:30 AM, californiasardar1 said:


Don't give them too much credit.

The protests going on now have nothing to do with Sikhi. They are protesting for their economic livelihood. Don't get me wrong, I am on their side and I think that they are in the right. But at the end of the day, it still all comes back to their self-interest.


Do you think you would see a similar mobilization these days around Sikh-related issues? I doubt it.


A lot of kisaans from Punjab have been getting more into Sikhi from some of whatI have seen as a result of the protests 

whether or not they see it as just about their livelihood, some are definitely seeing it as an attack by the govt, indirectly, towards Sikhs 

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    • Hey bro, by Vaheguru ji kirpa you are doing incredibly well. You received Amrit at young age, and from Sri Anandpur Sahib, wow that’s awesome! Amrit doesn’t ‘break’.  All young people are the same, kaam is strong at that age. As for feeling down, honestly every person in this world is miserable and down. Life is harsh and unpredictable. Death doesn’t always come in old age it can come at any time. Daas is not from any Sikhi background at all. My younger brother passed when I was 9, that’s what started spiritual curiosity. Religion is a game, spiritually is something different. Maybe life has to be unduly cruel to show you deeper things.  The purpose of human life was to merge back with Vaheguru. Kulyug, maya, 5 vikaar are absolute snakes which wrapped themselves around people to distract them of that purpose. Bro Vaheguru expressed his love towards you by arranging you meet Satguru ji. Now you gotta take strength and fight. Your strength will come from gurbani, sangat, seva, simran, keertan, katha. Sikhi history will give strength too.  Guru Sahib Ji loves you so much, he sacrificed his chaar sahibzade for YOU. Focus on your relationship with Guru Sahib Ji. Love him back and trust him. ❤️
    • No your amrit has not "broken" if you haven't committed any of kurehit of tann, physically. You mention kaam and mann, so I assume it is chetvan kaam. Worst you can get is a tankhah from panj piare otherwise. Biggest influence on your mann will be sangat around you, be sure to filter through your sangat and environment. Keep your head up Singh. 
    • Maharaj, any updates? Daas is planning on doing the same in the coming future.
    • Guest faseyahoya
      So I am 16 and was blessed with khande di pauhl exactly 1.5 months ago at anandpur sahib. Before that, I practiced everything a khalsa would do. nitnem, chastity, naam abhyas, etc. I have a pretty good image in public and people. Before, i felt like guru is very much near me, but now I feel like i am being seperated from him. I still do nitnem but i really want to defeat kaam and other evils. I read other threads but I feel like this is the only option left. I quit social media for 6 months but now my manmukh mind is back at it. I have committed no kurehit. Please tell me my amrit is not broken.
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