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Domestic and sexual abuse of silenced Sikh women revealed


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1 hour ago, dallysingh101 said:

Look, we have to face up to abuse within the community ourselves, or this is exactly how it will be exploited by outsiders. 

Most of us (with brains) can probably figure out that this report has been specifically timed to undermine Sikhs highlighting targeted grooming by certain communities against ours. What they are trying to say to us is: Stop talking about the sullay grooming gangs and concentrate on yourselves. 

Yet again we have that narrative of oppressive, misogynistic brown man, oppressing females of his own community. 

Again though, I reiterate: We have to face up to and deal with sexual and domestic abuse within the community. At uni I was told by an expert (a long while ago) that it is more common than we think in all communities. I think Mohan Singh of SAS has started pioneering work in dealing and facing up to this as a community.   From a personal perspective, I think we are (or at least were) a 'hands on' community when it comes to child rearing and slaps and beating weren't uncommon. I don't think it is remotely like it used to be these days though. 


At least half of the women in my parents' generation have had thaparh from their husband at least once (not condoning it btw!) 

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And if a woman treated your son like a lot of women do their men? You'd want to slap her silly. 

And that's even more true conversely when it comes to daughters. 

Moral of the story? We need to really dig deep, heal, and treat each other with far more respect in the family unit. 

And work together towards the right things. 

For the children. And the future. 

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