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Ukraine-Russia crisis


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By: Pramod Thomas

THE US will not set any “red line” for India on its energy imports from Russia but does not want to see a “rapid acceleration” in purchases, a top US official said during a visit to New Delhi.

However, Daleep Singh, Washington’s chief sanctions strategist, was quoted by local media during the visit as saying that India could not rely on Russia if there was another clash with China.

Lured by steep discounts following Western sanctions on Russian entities, India has bought at least 13 million barrels of Russian crude oil since the country invaded Ukraine in late February. That compared with some 16 million barrels for the whole of last year, data shows.

“Friends don’t set red lines,” Singh told reporters, adding however that its partners in Europe and Asia had been urged to cut their reliance on “an unreliable energy supplier”.

Meanwhile, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov began meetings with India’s leaders in New Delhi on Friday (1) after seeing his Chinese counterpart earlier in the week, as Moscow tries to keep the Asian powers on its side amid Western sanctions.

Russia has long been India’s biggest supplier of defence equipment, despite growing purchases from the US in the past decade. Defence analysts say Russian supplies are more cost-competitive and vital for India as it faces a superior Chinese military.

Singh said the US was ready to help India diversify its energy and defence supplies.

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9 minutes ago, dallysingh101 said:

That's an interesting question. I think simply put, it was an adoption of a word from ancient Indic literature (by whites) that was given a euro-racialised re-invention (I believe because of the fact they couldn't get their heads around nonwhites having an advanced culture before them, so it's a very early and crude form of cultural appropriation). This then took a life of it's own in their hands (and twisted imaginations).  

Google says a people from between iran, iraq, and north india. 

I'll keep digging and see if it come up in Gurbani. 

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Aryan or Arya (/ˈɛəriən/;[1] Indo-Iranian *arya) is a term originally used as an ethnocultural self-designation by Indo-Iranians in ancient times, in contrast to the nearby outsiders known as 'non-Aryan' (*an-arya).[2][3] In Ancient India, the term ā́rya was used by the Indo-Aryan speakers of the Vedic period as an endonym (self-designation) and in reference to a region known as Āryāvarta ('abode of the Aryas'), where the Indo-Aryan culture emerged.[4] In the Avesta scriptures, ancient Iranian peoples similarly used the term airya to designate themselves as an ethnic group, and in reference to their mythical homeland, Airyanem Waēǰō ('stretch of the Aryas').[5][6] The stem also forms the etymological source of place names such as Iran (*Aryānām) and Alania (*Aryāna-).[7]

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