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Some home truths for Ravi Singh Khalsa Aid

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On 5/16/2022 at 1:29 PM, chatanga1 said:

Am I also correct that you are the latest reincarnation of MrSheikyourbooty/mehtabsingh/ukguptsingh/khalsa1699 etc?

Except for Mehtab Singh. I do not think this is Mehtab Singh.

Mehtab Singh was known for posting longer, thoughtful posts, many of them excerpts from Sikh history.

He did not have the same writing style at all.

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On 5/5/2022 at 3:59 AM, MisterrSingh said:

Shifty-eyed, blue-turbanned men and dark-skinned Punjabi women in garish clothes being handed charity would seem like the CEO was attending a family get-together. Nobody cares about it.

Spot on! You put your finger on the problem, it seems.

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On 5/5/2022 at 9:49 AM, MisterrSingh said:

@Kau89r8 I told you; whenever you question them, they castigate you as non-Sikh. 

So, the KA defender's response to the anti-KA tirade was to point out grammatical mistakes? (Your/You're)???

He had nothing to say about the millions? What?

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On 4/26/2022 at 8:16 PM, SinghPunjabSingh said:

So do you advise that most Sikh men die alone and unmarried due to simple demographic constraints or that if Singhs marry spouses via Anand Karaj and raise their children as Sikhs and as part of the Gurdwara community that it is somehow a crime which we should behead them for?

Wow, that's not even what the Anand Karaj crew is saying. Among other things, the Jathedar has stated that people getting married should:

1. Have names Singh/Kaur. If not, file with the government to change name.

2. Affirm that they believe in 10 Gurus, Guru Granth Sahib ji, and no other religion, as in SRM.

Nowhere is there any mention of kes or not. Why is it that people can't fulfill these simple requirements?

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