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Bbc One Must Watch -Sikh Girls Groomed By Muslims


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This, awesome post pa ji. Most people in our community these days are more concerned with being Punjabi than being Sikh. Sikhi means very little to them. Picking out the best suits, jewelry (gahnay), getting drunk, listening to stupid bhangra songs is way more important than going to Gurdwara and learning about Sikhi.

To all parents/future parents, please instill Sikhi knowledge in your children, girls AND boys. More important than keeping hair, they should learn about our history, the sacrifices of our ancestors, and read Guru Granth Sahib Ji and understand it, apply it to their lives and live it, a love of Gurbani is very important, anyone who loves the Guru's word will be able to make the right choices in life, as a parent you won't always be there for them, you don't know who they are talking to at school or work, or what they're gonna do when they move away for University. Being a dictator won't work, because when they're out of your sight they WILL rebel, that's just the way kids are, trust me I'm in Uni and see what goes on.

Instead of dictating every aspect of their lives, give them that knowledge of Gurbani, it contains all the answers they will ever need. Don't make all the decisions for your children, teach them how to, through the word of the Guru, make good decisions for themselves. "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, TEACH a man to fish and you feed him for life".

Also, sewa is very important. Our religion is one that emphasizes philanthropy, and we should be damn proud of it. Get your kids involved with some sort of charity work, my Gurdwara goes out on a weekly basis to the poor parts of our city and gives fresh, hot langar to the homeless/needy people. I see little kids getting involved with this stuff, and they are surrounded by great sangat, this is important because the best way to teach your kids is to lead by example, teach them the values our Gurus gave to us, and then also show them, through your OWN example, how those values can be practically applied to life. Even though I come from a keshdari/practicing family, it wasn't until I started to get involved with sewa initiatives that I really fell in love with Sikhi and really started to see the value of the Gurus word. Be the kind of man/woman you would want your son/daughter to grow up to be like. Teach them to love Guru Ji's bani, teach them Sikh history, get involved with sewa, lead by example, when we change ourselves it won't matter what Muslims or anyone else is doing, we as individuals and a community will be strong enough to face whatever is thrown our way.

PS: Someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE record the documentary, I live in Canada so it is impossible for me to watch, but I would love to see it and show my family members and see if I can get my Gurdwara to play it as well. Thank you :)

So true the above post. Give the children some pride in being Sikh by telling them their history, the Gurus, the sacrifices, the power of the Sikh raj, the Gurdwara reform sacrifices. This often hits home harder with children than just taking them to the Gurdwara and expecting them to understand everything.

Also the parents need to stop promoting the Bollywood culture, offensive Bhangra songs etc and start praising Sikhs when they are on TV. During my childhood I grew up in an area where many men called themselves 'Comrades' who acted as atheists and ridiculed Sikhs. Most were from Hoshiarpur and Jullander and drank heavily and smoked openly in the streets and their kids were even worse. Time for the parents to clean up their act as well.

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I agree! That's how a lot of Sikh mothers are these day. Way too liberal for my liking. Saying it's fine for their daughters to marry muslims or gore.nsome are even proud that their daughters have married gore. Like they have moved up in the social ladder!

Let me tell you something, if any of my female relatives ever got married to a Muslim I would never in a million years attend the wedding or have anything to do with them. That's how the majority of apne would have reacted even just 15 years ago before this liberalism.


what if any of your female relatives married a non-sikh? athiest or hindu etc?

My sister and I were raised in a fairly strict environment with a strong emphasis on education. We both went to good unis and were warned about muslims from a young age. I've never had a Muslim friend since I was 14 and I don't regret it. Obviously I am courteous with them at work and friendly in general like I am with most people but I make sure I never get close with them.

Their faith is a missionary faith, they supposedly get rewarded for converting people in the afterlife. This is what our former Muslim neighbours said and they were quite liberal!

Sikh parents must drill this into their kids.

I know there is a lot of hindu bashing on this site. I myself have never had any problems with them in the UK, in fact they have mostly been good people. I've had many pangeh with muslims in my teenage years. Just keep them at arm's distance.

I will give my kids the same warnings my parents gave me.

Your parents only gave you one side of the story then. the hindus are just as mnuch anti-sikh as the muslims. i hope you drill into your kids that they should/mut marry sikhs only.

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