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Granthi Singh Converts To Christianity

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DSU News Bureau) Sikhs on social networking site twitter have expressed outrage on the SGPC and Sikh Organizations after a granthi Singh in Punjab converted to Christianity.

Reportedly, the Granthi Singh says he wasnt respected by the sangat because he belonged to a lower caste. (Note: There is no such thing as caste in Sikhi, but many people dis-respect others based on it)

The granthi Singhs are being offered rupees of 10 lacs and up to 15 lacs in Ludhiana by Christian missionaries to convert. Many of the granthis are living in poverty due to a very low pay scale and so they are being directly targeted by missionary groups.

The Sikhs are unhappy at the SGPC for not addressing the issue and giving it a blind eye and questioning why they groups arent being stopped.

Recently, many villages were re-converted back to Sikhism but now the aim of the missionary groups has turned to granthis.

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Granthi Singh still in bana of Guru Gobind Singh dastaar and kes, because his heart is not a christian.

I was married to catholic, went to church with Vahiguroo in my heart as others preach Christ.

Ex mother-in-law receive Christian prayers, painkillers in death bed, but Sukhmani Sahib path calm her till last breath.

Guru Granth Sahib is King of all, Dhan Vahiguroo

Nicely put.

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SGPC was set up to gradually destroy Sikhism by the British establishment in 1920s they slowly infiltrated their members before partition and then when partition happened they saved themselves while Sikhs were left to fend for themselves and form armed groups to fight of the threat from british troops guarding trains into their lands which became pakistan and Muslim guard troops of the Indian army.

SGPC also drew up a controversial rehat maryada in 1940s which promoted only khalsa's being legitimate Sikhs and most people in power will be jatts in the higher levels and thus the other castes and chamars were sidelined. They knew the Dalit/Chamars formed the vast majority of Sikhs and with those numbers they could form a huge country called Sikhistan/Khalistan but they chose to push Dr Ambedkar into the camp of the buddhists and into hindustan /Indian Union and thus Sikhs got jack all.

The SGPC leadership was instrumental in organising operation blue star against sant bhindranwale secretly passing on intelligence to Indian army and co-ordinating where to attack and target while defenceless brave sons, fathers and mothers were left to face bullets and bombs of the Indian troops.Then the anti-sikh riots happened in delhi and SGPC did not threaten any violence in retaliation against what was happening to Sikhs in delhi they just offered to be the middleman in calming down tensions while remaining delhi Sikhs were fleeing to punjab for their lives for safety.

Basically most of the SGPC members are freemasons and are stooges of the elites within the Indian / British establishments. There is no hope for SGPC there is no hope for people who will are willing to bow down to corrupt people in power than bow down to Guru Ji and his light and righteous path. The dark side is always more easier to follow because the good side seems to have little reward in this world but after this life is gone they will soon realise who their creator is and why all this world was a test for their soul.

The above needs some work but the fundamentals are right.

Congress leaders pre and post Independence were Freemasons that is a fact, search Motilal Nehru and see the father of Jawaharlal in all his finest masonic regalia.



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Initially the SGPC did a good job by removing the British supported Mahants who had made the Gurdwaras across the Punjab virtual Mandirs. The Sanatan groups then built a replica of the Darbar Sahib nearby and called it the Durgiana Mandir. Here they placed their idols and continued their Hindu worship . A lot of Sikhs gave Shaheedi to remove the Mahants and set up Sikh controlled Gurdwaras. Since about the mid 60s the emergence of Badal, Barnala and Tohra who work with the Indian Govt has led to the Sikh institutions being put under direct Indian rule. Just in the past few days the BJP/RSS have taken over Hazur Sahib but Sikhs including the Nihangs have done very little to defend Hazur Sahib from an external attack.

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If you read the article, you will notice that the evangelicals trick of exploiting the aam janta has been foiled, so they are trying another tactic which is to bribe the granthis because through the granthi you can convert the masses. However, this trick also needs to be foiled, so the next trick for the evangelicals would be bribe the institutions and maybe convert influential people in the akal takht or the SGPC.

We all know the Xtian missiinaries are exploiting weaknesses but they are not doing this out of the good of their hearts, this is just another form of re-colonisation.

Remember the Church (whichever denomination) are the largest landowners outside of the Indian Government. Which also means that this land is controlled by foreign entities, the churches are not independent Indian churches but are franchises like McDonalds or KFC.

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    • I think that user has not been on the forum since around 2011. You can message me if you want.
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