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Granthi Singh Converts To Christianity

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Guest Jacfsing2

Caste has nothing whatsoever to do with any religion, it's a cultural phenomena that is mainly practised in the Indian sub-continent, lower "caste" Indian's/Punjabi's/Hindu's/Gujurati's/Sikh's convert to Christianity because they feel they will be treated as equals but they seem to forget that they are still living within a country that actively practises the caste system and an unfortunate truth is that we "Indians" have taken this practise with us into the western world, it's all fine and well saying "Sikhism treat's all as one" but the reality is very different.

I saw a short documentary a while ago about a small Gurdwara in India where those of lower caste's are given karah parshad through a different door than the rest of the sangat, absolutely disgusting behaviour.

We can excommunicate those people; however, Hindus don't have a similar solution.
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There is a tendancy amongst us worldwide Sikhs to bypass our religious duty to be in in chardi kala and instead be in a state of perennial negativity.

So, lets look at the overwhelming positives of the story behind this thread:

Positive, in that maybe the 'Sikhs' that criticise Sikhi because of the granthis can now see that Sikhi does not have a priesthood. The granthis are human just like you and me and 99.9% are granthis only because their fathers were also granthis and it is a family occupation. THAT, should be a wake-up call to all Sikhs to fulfill their responsibility of being a Sikh and learn GurBani.

Positive, in the sense that the followers of Mithras are now so desperate that they have to pay money in order to gain recruits.

Let us cast our minds back to Jeruselum back in the olden days when a great person called Issa (Jesus) was born. At the time he was born the most popular 'God' in Jersulum and the most of the world was the Persian god called 'Mithras'. The story of the Persian god Mithras was that he was born in a stable and when he was born 3 Persian Kings followed a star in the sky and came bearing gifts because they saw him as the special one. The story goes on and is very familiar but it ends in the fact that when Mithras was killed for his beliefs he miraciously came back to life again 3 days later. Worth remembering if, for nothing else, for the fact that my 5 year old asked me only this morning why he has in this moment in time 2 weeks holiday from school.

So, bearing in mind that the followers of a false,dying philosophy are now so desperate that they are now reduced to leaving their lands in their heartlands in the west and PAYING for converts in the 3rd world tells us nothing about ourselves.

This thread is about THEIR dying problem. Nothing to do with us. Nothing to do with us because how the Nazerines decide to protect their own skin during the explusion from Jeruselum is nothing to do with us.

Moral of the story ? Don't be looking at the Granthi in question. Be looking at yourself (myself). Those others (christians) are now so failed they are now scraping the bottom of the barrell (paying for recruits). Forget those muppets for it is we (the Sikhs) who should be trying to fulfill our duty of learning the scriptures ourselves....for we have no priesthood.

Still don't get it ?

Well, let me expain. The followers of a great Jewish man......Isaa (Jesus) was so great, and so Jewish, that he argued against the moneylenders. THATS how Jewish he was. Thats how proud and he good he was that he stood against the moneylenders.

Then, a couple of centuries later they came with hate, determined to get rid of all Jews from Jeruselum and expell them into the desert. Desperate times. These are desperate times that we Sikhs know only too well and is the making of us but the christian is of a different ilk. The Jews that followed the great man from nazerine said "please don't expel us....for we are not jews (and remember they said this to save and progress thier own skins)....we are an entitrely different new religion as followers of that Zazerine (Jesus).

And so, we come to the year 2015. Lets imagine the year 2015 to be some kind of futuristic sc-fi year. Sc-Fi is make believe. I don't belive in sc-fi make believe nonsense. And yet here we are in the most popular threads on SikhSangat on the 6th or 7th page because a sysem of belief based on nonsense is so desperate that it decides to pay to get recruits from a faith that doesn't even have priests.

This thread isn't for you. Its ABOUT you.....and your stupidity.

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We can excommunicate those people; however, Hindus don't have a similar solution.

You can try to, people have been trying to for god know's how many year's, as a faith we are not meant to practise any discrimination whatsoever yet we can't even sit in the same Gurdwara, people of different caste's will go and open their own Gurdwara's.

I'll give you an example that involves my own family, most are moderate Sikh's (i.e. not amritdhari but do everything that is required, some have cut hair or beards but that's beside the point), they will actively talk down about other castes, when I tell them that you can't bow down to Guru Sahib and then turn around and discriminate I'm made out to be the bad guy, so it's a problem that has to be solved at a grass roots level, family to family, while i've said before i'm not a fully practising Sikh i'm on the path, i can't change those who have come before me but i'm going to try my level best that my kids grow up without this thought process.

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Jagyasu and Prema bhagti birti will try to walk on the path which is sharper than edge of double edged sword and narrower than the width of a hair. Most will just refrain from this path because their preeti is padaarthi ( materialistic) but they are way way better than bemukh as they have faith in their Guru that they will fulfil their wishes.

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  1. Green==Blue==Orange==green

Red =~ Green

Red =~Blue

Red =~ Orange


Red ==Red

Black ==Black

-> Back =~ Red


Black =~ Orange

Black =~Blue

Black =~ Green


‘=’ is

‘== ‘same both ways

‘=~ ‘ not equal

‘->’ implies

Content of water on earth= Green

Water in rivers/wells/underground/lakes = Blue

Water in glass= Orange

Droplets of water in glass = Red

Dry glass in vacuum = Black

Bemukh (black) uses his mind (man) but it’s the title of bemukh which gets retained until SarGunSatGuru’s feet are sought ‘again’ and SarGunSatGuru wishes to forgive. He/she may wander for eternity without SargunSatGuru but will not find any liberation.

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