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P@ki On Sikh Channel


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The young caller that aired his personal views on that show are a reflection of exactly what is happening these days.

Just wake up and look at the real picture. Our girls are going off to Uni this week, as its Freshers. There are muslim gangs operating to try and "Woo" or attract Sikh girls into relationships. These relationships are either for fun or more malicious and the predators may have cruel intentions to try and "capture" Sikh girls for monetary return or conversion.

There is no two ways about it.

That caller represents a lot of the muslim guys out there these days, they are specifically targeting girls, because they are able to watch Sikh Channel etc and listen to the types of shows we are putting out there - to warn Sikh girls away from muslim guys (which gives the muslims guys even more ammunition, as they are aware of what Sikh girls may have been briefed on etc).

I have personally been in these situations and seen Sikh girls being groomed at Uni, its disgusting and i cant blame anybody for this. All i can say is be alert and make sure if you see our sisters in trouble, please help at all times. Its never too late to talk to our sisters and offer support, as it all comes down to Sangat and having the right people around you.

I'll be brutally honest, i don't like this situation at all, but when you see some muslim gangs like this hitting the gyms and showing to lead expensive lifestyles (expensive cars, mobile phones, clothing, all materialistic things) whilst trying their hardest to lure our sisters, it makes me feel sick to know that some girls fall for this. I'm not blaming any girls at all, no way. I'm just saying that the guys are trying their hardest to attract the girls by whatever means necessary.

We all need to stand up to this cr@p and be more alert. Fend off these fake gangs and look after our sisters, not to the extent that we harass our own sisters, but to make them aware that we are here for their protection.

Naturally, girls are attracted to the Alpha male, so the muslim gangs will always try to emulate that image. What we need to do is be open and honest with our sisters, offer love, care, support and protection to them (no need on hating on anybody, we just want best for our sisters).

Sikh Societies are great organisations, keep the awareness up and educate everybody about these difficulties, together we can be stronger.

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Yeah blud, me too. It's mad innit bruv. And den dey beez like: "Blud why iz u dissin me for talking like dis man. It's just cos of my environment innit. Wot iz u? Like an English teacher or summin? And stop telling me to pull my pent up! You're long! You don't know about manz on street."

Girls and boyz do dis innit.

Makes me wonder who would employ these cretins. It's ghetto talk. The mind boggles.

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■ Is the Muslim population shrinking?

For many years, Muslims claimed that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Since a few years, statistics show that the numbers of Muslims will be much lower. But the Muslim population is still growing. The world population will shrink around the year 2100 according to the result of the United Nations predictions and Pew [1][2].


World population and Muslim population during in billions from 2000-2015 and predictions from 2015-2100 with shrinking point for world population and Muslims in the year 2100. Sources: UN and Pew.

The Muslim population is limited to a maximum of 35% of the world population according to the most optimistic available study [2]. So the number of Muslims will also shrink after the year 2100. For a comparision of the Muslim and Christian population, see related questions below. Such a study has a lot of limitations and uncertainties and therefore it is possible that the Muslim population will shrink before 2100.

1. Population explosion of Muslims is over
Birth rate of Muslims is going below Jewish and Christian level and this means the end of Islam in future. Islam is still growing coming decades. However, the growth is because of birth rate, and better life expectancy in Muslim countries. Islam is not able to compensate losses by conversions. Eberstadt, a demographer from the respected American Enterprise Institute (AEI) discovered a sharp decline in birth rate under Muslims [3]:

- Birth rate 49 Muslim countries with Muslim-majority: -40%
- Birth rate worldwide average: -33%

That means that the Muslim population is decreasing both relative and absolute. Muslim growth rate will decrease from 1.9 today to 1.5 in 2020 to 0.7 in 2050 where 2.1 is necessary to be stable. In Iran, Muslim birth decrease is one of the greatest in human history. Many other Muslim countries have very high birth decrease of 60%, including Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Libya, Albania, Qatar and Kuwait. Each Muslim woman today is having 2.6 less babies than her mother. This decline is faster than the rest of the world [4].
2. Marriage stability under Muslims is over
Marriage is also less popular under Muslims. Although marriage rates in the Arab world today are still higher than worldwide average, the trend is that they are going fast to worldwide average. However the speed is much faster than what we have seen in Europe. Because today in many ways the unpopularity of marriage has reached that of Europe in 1990, it is expected that the Muslim marriage popularity will go under worldwide average. This is another indication that Muslim population will decrease in near future.
3. Muslim population in near future
United Nations (UN) predictions for Yemen in 2050 changed from 102 million to 62 million inhabitants, which is a correction of 40%, because it was 102 million. Muslim population in Lebanon will grow till 2023, then it will shrink indefinitely afterwards. In general the Muslim population will grow till before 2030, and then it will shrink. Islam is not able to grow by conversion, as in Christianity. According to sociological and demographical survey of American Muslims by the respected Muslim sociologist Dr. Ilyas Ba-Yunus, 75% of New Muslim converts in the United States leave Islam within a 3 years.
4. Conclusion
Anyone can observe the birth rate statistics that Muslim population is no longer growing in an explosive way, but that the present trend predicts a decrease of the number of Muslims. Muslim claims of a worldwide Muslim majority are over.

1. United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, World Population Prospects: The 2012 Revision (Retrieved May 13, 2015).
2. Conrad Hackett et al, PewResearchCenter, The Future of World Religions: Population Growth Projections, 2010-2050, p. 187 (Full Report, retrieved May 9, 2015).
3. Nicholas Eberstadt, Fertility Decline in the Muslim World: A Veritable Sea-Change, Still Curiously Unnoticed, 2012.
4. Nicholas Eberstadt and Apoorva Shah, Fertility Decline in the Muslim World, in: Policy Review, Hoover Institution Stanford University, June 1, 2012.

Related questions:

Is Islam a dying religion?

More Muslims than Christians in future?


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Haa, the usual sunny hundal liberal lefty hippy "sikhs", who usually suck his backside out dry, r now turning on him and disagreein with him on this grooming issue. The guy is a complete joke, even non sikhs on his page, r sayin he seems very pro-muslim and anti-sikh.

Proves how thick he is. If he was good at playing the game he'd know which battles to fight and which to walk away from by judging the mood and the likes of the crowd he plays up to. He's made a miscalculation, and now his chamche are wondering what else he could be wrong about.

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Proves how thick he is. If he was good at playing the game he'd know which battles to fight and which to walk away from by judging the mood and the likes of the crowd he plays up to. He's made a miscalculation, and now his chamche are wondering what else he could be wrong about.

He seems to appeal to the naive impressionable teenage girls and what makes it worrying is that he is a man that is approaching 40.

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