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Why does the photo for the "Politics|Lifestyle" section show people with trimmed beards?

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2 hours ago, Kau89r8 said:

Jazzy B is 100% panthic from day 1 despite what his career and personal life. Hes been always supporting the Shaheed, Kissans and called out Bollywood. He removed his music from Zee, constant gets threatened for speaking out. Even Bittu threaten him and filed a report for him speaking for Khalistan. 

There are panthic mona out there. Deep Lakha ...

He's still a singer promoting kaljugness

A lot of Sikh youth have copied his image with haircuts etc

His facebook home page has him in a weird hairstyle wearing a khanda chain

He might be 'panthic' and a Sikh at heart but not '100%'. I am surprised you are supporting him so strongly 

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On 4/18/2021 at 1:45 PM, californiasardar1 said:


You are right. Let's put up a picture of Jazzy B holding a peg. Or let's put up a photo of half-naked women twerking next to Sidhu Moosewala.

We have to make sure that we welcome ALL Sikhs! Remember, Sikhi is about welcoming everyone!

Promoting people to keep rehat is wrong because it alienates others.

bhul chuk maaf

but a picture showing brethrenhood amongst four people isn't as unrepresentative of sikhi as liqour or promiscuity would be 

sangat isn't restricted to khalsa (although that is something we should all strive to be), hence the website is also named sikhsangat 

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