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6 minutes ago, Kau89r8 said:

@proudkaur21 ^some more 'dharamic brotherhood 

They are taking away our universities too now. Did you check that news about Punjab and Sindh bank. I didnt even know it was started by Sikhs. They are taking away all our institutions slowly. They are evil.

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It looks like Simranjit Singh Mann has come second but the Deep Singh factor almost worked for him. He got about 30% of the vote in Amargarh and in nearby Mehal Kalan, his candidate came second with 2

The fact that people are putting forward their own ideas about what AAP should do, shows that they are engaged with the political process and this is the biggest reason why AAP has to deliver because

Punjab is the only land that still has some sikh influence and where we can form our nation but these dirty Christians even after having half of the world dont want sikhs to have a safe place. This gi

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2024: BJP seeks foothold in Malwa through Bathinda

TNN / Jul 27, 2022, 08:33 IST
Bathinda: Eyeing a bigger role for the party in the electorally influential Malwa region of Punjab, especially after the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) broke ties with it over the now repealed farm laws, the BJP is concentrating more on Bathinda to start preparations for the 2024 parliamentary elections.

Seen as a gateway to southern Malwa, Bathinda is now turning into a major centre for the party. After Union minister Hardeep Singh Puri spent three days in Bathinda as part of BJP’s Lok Sabha pravas strategy, the party is now holding a state-level training camp in Bathinda from July 27 to 29.

Nearly 200 party leaders, including the entire state leadership, district presidents, secretaries and leaders who have switched over from other parties, have been asked to attend the training camp at an upscale hotel of Bathinda. Some leaders from central leadership are expected to attend the camp to teach state leaders the ways to get popular among masses, said a senior Punjab BJP leader.

When BJP was in an alliance with SAD, Bathinda was the seat of Akali politics as it was more suitable to previous chief minister Parkash Singh Badal’s family. Many of the activities were being run from Bathinda and even protesters of many hues had made the town their second abode.
A BJP leader who did not want to be named said the party had a presence in Doaba and Majha regions, but now it was concentrating more on Malwa region and Bathinda was a big centre of the region. Bathinda has strong infrastructure as compared to other towns, with only exception of Ludhiana.
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