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Racism - callout as it is


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On 4/18/2022 at 7:29 AM, SinghPunjabSingh said:

1. Not at all. If anyone attacks a bazurg that violent criminal ought to be severely punished.

2. None whatsoever. Sikhi teaches us to be tyaar bar tyaar and look out for the weak and oppressed and bazurgs.

A. The 50million African American population do not hate us and we need to foster greater links with them.

B. Supporting Reparations which equalise academic, health and legal outcomes for African Americans is something which I passionately believe we as Sikhs should automatically support and furthermore as they are the most oppressed community in the USA (along with native Americans). Just like how we should focus a lot of energy on supporting 250million Dalits outside Punjab and morally support indigenous Canadians in Canada or the Aboriginal community in Australia or those that were oppressed by Apartheid in South Africa or Tibetans in China, these are things fundamental to who we are as Diaspora Sikhs that pray daily for Sarbat da Bhala.

3. I don't make excuses for any violent criminals. I believe they need strong punishment for these two such despicable attacks. What I am saying is that there is no massive racist conspiracy or mindset against Sikhs by the 50million strong African American community. I am saying we need to redouble our efforts at outreach and parchaar to the community so that they all know what Sikhi is and who Sikhs are.

4. I can pull the statistics and show to you that indeed a majority of the incarcerated violent criminals from an African American background do indeed have drug addiction issues. The average middle class African Americans (the majority) in the main simply do not hate Sikhs. They are as horrified by these attacks as we are and from the State Senator down many have roundly condemned what happened despite these attacks being no big deal against the backdrop of black on black violence encouraged by the bigger real issue of White Supremacy in America. And the same can be said of low income but hard-working non-addicted African Americans too that work alongside Sikhs. They are very good people.

5. I believe these two thugs were crackheads who attacked but let's say you are right that the two attackers were actual genuine anti-Sikh black racists that genuinely espouse the racial inferiority of the Punjabi Sikhs. It doesn't follow that a majority of African Americans are racist against Sikhs. There is no major widespread phenomenon of anti-Sikh racism by 50million African Americans. Albeit that there may be a small crackhead minority which are involved in such random attacks or indeed crime against business owners.

(Similarly if two thirds of the one thousand paid Congress thugs in November 1984 were from a Hindu background {= 1 in a million Hindu's around at the time} it does not negate the fact that there are 1,000 million poor Hindu's who could be highly receptive to Sikhi if we do some parchaar to them and actually deliver an improvement to their lives instead of some of us going on about evil Hindu's that hate us as if they represent 1.1 Billion Hindu's).

See original image

Who are these faces in turbans and why are they wearing Sikh other Sikh emblems and who told them they could do it? Leopards never change their spots. Do they stand up and fight for your Sikh issues or anything? Do the white turbaned ones do this ever either? They look down on you and your lot because of your brown skins, as inferiors. Stop f******n* bragging about your plight and attacks on the f*****g vazoorgs! The vazoorgs are to blame for not teaching their children about what racism did to them when they were ruled by others in their own country. Their children or descendants have no knowledge of racist rule or racism because it was never talked about and because it was easier to brush it under the carpet than to challenge it. 

STOP F****n* playing God and preaching SARBAT DA BALLE here, you are NOT GOD. Do SDB for your own SIKH only people first and then the rest of the SARBAT ........ will follow by itself! You are nothing but a <banned word filter activated> morons and thats all who you are. Do the Harbajan shite yogi converts stand shoulder to shoulder with other Brown Sikhs to highlight their issues ever? Do they ever come forward to express any grievances affecting their Sikh counterparts living in western countries? GO AND PREACH THEM <banned word filter activated> SARBAT DA BHALLA FIRST.

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22 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

No. take some responsibility. Juts have f**ked the whole structure of the panth by promoting their own culture like it was their dharam. You know it well. That faggy stuff in bright clothes. Brainless songs and movies. Acting all Maula-jut towards other apnay, but acting like a billhi in front of others. There's a big list, it could go on. 

The whole kom has become a fucked up kom minus few. Fucked up people form it and there is no doubt about it.  

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1 hour ago, Kaurr said:




Westernised "Sikh" girls and the Manas Ki Jaat crew on suicide watch. ? Their black "allies" confirmed more Sikh buddhe need their heads kicked in. Apne of a particular bent will probably justify it as white supremacists in black-face trying to defame the kangs. Anything but accept the truth that blacks despise beardy-weirdy turbanators. 

Accept reality. Let it strengthen you. Don't persist under delusions.

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20 hours ago, Jassu said:

Blacks look down on nerdy blacks. I had a black girl friend who was into anime and nerdy things and talked more posh and she said the other black girls looked down on her and wouldn't include her into their group. Blacks PRIORITISE criminal/ghetto behaviour. 

And how do they look upon those look alikes, so called, empty <banned word filter activated>-pots claiming to be Sikhs, imitating hand, finger, facial, hip and legs movements of the group and the very ones your friend comes from? Besides why are you and your lot struggling so hard to be like them? What’re your reasons to be accepted by them, have you not got a superior heritage or what? Do you not originate from where early civilisations of Harrapa and Mohenjidorro took place? What about the message of Guru Nanak which is far ahead and so superior than what emerged from Abraham’s trap?

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17 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

Fair point. 

In any case I stand by my last post.


We need to start projecting ourselves differently. A lot of socio-political things are in a flux right now globally. We have to face that reality and what it means for us and adapt accordingly. 

Plus we've had this debate before, and we did get hordes piling in the stereotypes about blacks, which doesn't really help with dealing with the matter in my opinion. If anything it just petrifies loads of giddarhs to see kalay as some out of control, savage, unconquerable beasts - which just feeds into that whole 'docile' stereotype on our part. 

Stop being such a hypocrite and holier than though here! If you don’t feel comfortable under your skin like the rest of those you represent, it’s not difficult to notice. Most of your issues arise from there and you are not able to recognise it. In fact, after reading your posts one cannot fail but realise that you are so uncomfortable with yourself in terms of who you are. So please stop preaching, stop it.

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