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Racism - callout as it is

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8 minutes ago, Deepthinking22 said:

not just becoming a doctor or whatever and pretending/believing you will be living happily ever after. 

That's the whole issue, when that 'happily ever after' delusion gets shattered by ground level realities, they run around like headless chickens. Which is what we are seeing now. 

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In Queens, there were areas where a Chinese Laundry guy or an Indian Sikh cab driver would not venture because they would be killed for 10 bucks. These are black neighbourhoods where it was so deprived you would be killed to buy food. 

This attack is more of a racial undertone. After 9-11 , many of our Sikhs were attacked by whites but not so much by ethnic groups.

20 years ago, this seems to have changed. 

However like much of Sikh migration in the New York area (Queens), they are moving further east into Long Island. 

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18 hours ago, MisterrSingh said:

Everything else is f****g fantasy, American-Marxist bull5hit. 

For "Sikh" organisations to GASLIGHT Sikhs in an insidious attempt at extreme political correctness that places us under threat of further harm is f****g EVIL. 

1. Nobody has denied that

2. Yes indeed nobody is saying that those bazurgs cannot tell the Police the racial background of those that attacked them.

I support Sikh Coalition's stance and I know exactly why they did it - because they knew some elements would seek to present two random incidents by a couple of crackheads as some kind of evidence of a massive racism by 50 million African Americans (when the vast majority of that community do not hold anything against us at all).

The biggest victims of black criminals in the States are African American victims themselves. That does not mean, by extension, that the gangbangers and crackheads are racists against African Americans.

It merely means that due to overarching White Supremacy a certain minority of the African American community need to be strongly dealt with when they are crossing lines of decent conduct with respect to their own community and others.

See original image

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17 hours ago, Deepthinking22 said:

1. It's mindsets like SinghPunjabSingh that are actually a part of the problem.   

2. The racism from said community is much much more widespread than he thinks as this is happening in the UK too and is not at all limited to a handful of crackheads as suggested. 

3. No, this does not mean we should start 'hating' the community (I have to say this because brainwashed people will see this and think it means I am saying it is an excuse to hate them), but it 110 per cent needs to be called out!!! 

4. We should be able to call it out without being shamed.  You have black drill artists in the UK using 'Paki' in their songs now too which is basically the N word for Asians. 

5. You have many racial attacks on Asians from Blacks in the UK let alone the USA (on East Asians and South Asians alike). 

6. But as I said, I am working on presenting how bad the issue is and why it is how it is so I am going to be starting a new thread in the coming week or so.

1. What exactly is it about my "mindset" that you object to? I am Sikh. I have never experienced any direct racism in my whole life from people of African background. To the contrary, I genuinely feel they are "our people" in their own way and likewise I have always received that love back. This whole nonsense about supposed massive levels of racism by black people against Sikhs is nonsense. I do not deny that there are gangbangers and crackheads who wouldn't care less if they attack Sikhs but statistically those types are actually more likely to kill fellow blacks so there is no massive community-backed racism against Sikhs by either African-Caribbeans in the UK or Canada nor even from African Americans in the States (albeit the incidence of crime in the States is far higher).

2. I don't believe the hype for one second. I have around half a dozen good friends who are from African heritage and have intercated through work and general travels with over a hundred black customers and people generally and not once encountered any racism. Albeit I would not deny that there is a sneering racism from Somali Muslims towards Sikhs which I am aware of.

3. It is important to emphasise that. Some people are using a couple of recent incidents in Richmond Hill as an excuse to claim that there is widespread racism against Sikhs from a community of 50million people when there simply isn't (and certainly not from your average middle-class or hardworking low income types that comprise the 90% majority of the community).

4. The Pakistani Punjabi's despise us as Sikhs despite being from the same so-called race as they proved in the 1947 Pakistan Genocide of Sikhs in which 25% of the Sikh population was killed. Given how badly they despise us, it is well known how racist Pakistani's are against blacks. It's not surprising that the black community will not let itself be intimidated by Pakistani racism against them. There is no such thing as an Asian community. There are Hindu's, Sikhs and Muslims. Muslims and Blacks may well have beef due to racism directed at blacks on account of their being the descendants of slaves. But Sikhi is the opposite of Islam and Sikhi opposes Slavery, Sikhi opposes racism and Sikhi says that slaves have a moral status higher than Kings.

5. For every racial attack on Sikhs in the UK I would suggest that there are a hundred times more incidences of black on black crime.

6. What will you achieve by doing that? Do you seriously think that the minority of crime perpetrated against Sikhs by a few gangbangers and crackheads is the biggest issue the Sikh Panth faces? 

See original image

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6 minutes ago, Deepthinking22 said:

Sikh Coalition did not do it because of that, they did it because they are scared little Indians with no backbone and/or deluded. 

Doesn't matter whether they're a docile little sepoy who's bowing and scraping before the British Empire and the East India Company's agents, or whether they're devious brown-skinned acolytes of Marx, obeying the commands of powerful American Jews and white Liberals. The fact is they're selling out their own. A tale as old as time.

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17 hours ago, Jassu said:

1. Do you not understand the general sentiment blacks feel towards Indians?

2. They are VERY racist towards Indians.

3. Look at what this black lady is saying. They are very angry towards people more successful than them. Even East Asians have expressed similar sentiments. Many will never be able to differentiate a Sikh from a Muslim or regular Indian btw. Of course we can try to educate them, but I doubt incidents of racist thought will go down. 


5. "oh its ok they're just our brothers against white supremacy!!!!" is VERY HARMFUL.

1. I have lived and worked in America. You haven't. I have rishtedaar in America. You clearly don't. There is no general racist sentiment from African Americans towards Sikhs. Gangbangers and crackheads are not representative of a decent community that is 50million strong.

2. Absolutely falsehood. You are the one who is openly racist against them!

3. Wow one lady is resentful of the economic success of a store owner. So does that mean that if one Sikh in Punjab is resentful of the fact that Hindu Bania's dominate a lot of retail in urban Punjab that supposedly "Sikhs are very racist against Hindu's" (in your opinion)? Your argument holds no water whatsoever!

4. Your outright racism against kaaleh is more harmful as there is no way you can possibly be a Sikh and make racist posts against kaaleh.

5. No. The 50million strong community as a whole are our brothers and sisters on account of their community's suffering at the hands of White Supremacy to this day. That community are natural born Sikhs if racists like yourself would quit with your demonisation of them.


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