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What's holding Sikhs back?


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1 hour ago, dallysingh101 said:

See some more here: 



This is an amazing collection of art in one thread. Wonder what happened to @puzzled ? He posted amusing anecdotes.

I also wanted to say you had a terrific thread on Vaisakhi with all the art work. This is real art and culture. Stuff that will be appreciated even centuries later and  provide crucial details about our puratan lifestyle.

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2 hours ago, Jai Tegang! said:

This is an amazing collection of art in one thread. Wonder what happened to @puzzled ? He posted amusing anecdotes.

I also wanted to say you had a terrific thread on Vaisakhi with all the art work. This is real art and culture. Stuff that will be appreciated even centuries later and  provide crucial details about our puratan lifestyle.

Thanks. The thing (these days more than ever), is that I feel like I'm experiencing and witnessing a deep, profound culture unfold infront of me. It's almost a surreal experience, and I think a part of it (or a contributing factor) is having matured (well a little) and having experienced and learnt about life and the world we live in (especially socially, culturally and politically) and then contextualising all the previously occluded Sikh material that we discover in light of this. It is like linking to your ancestors, who've been hidden from you for a long while. A part of it is painful too.  Plus it's much more stimulating and thought provoking than 'modren Sikhism'.  

It truly is being a student (Sikh).   


No idea what happened to Puzzled but I think he was having family issues - esp. with his old man. 

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28 minutes ago, californiasardar1 said:


Wearing a shirt saying "see a singh, salute a singh" while dancing like a buffoon to a song about alcohol


I watched one video Jai Tegang posted, and now this is the type of stuff I'm being bombarded with on my youtube feed! 

On a scale of 1 to 10 of fudhooness, where 1 is minimum, and 10 way out there. This is like a a 19! 

Imagine a fair in E. London with this going on on stage, people would be laughing their heads off for all the wrong reasons.... sardar ji my bhund! 

Dumb peasant culture. 


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17 hours ago, Big_Tera said:

1. What is causing all the root problems for Sikhs?

2. From weak leaders who can't run Punjab. To society issues in the Punjabi Sikh community back home and in the west 

3. Let's look at some main issues.

1. We know that people sitting in Delhi and Pakistan are responsible for a lot of the problems the Sikh Qaum faces today but LACK OF UNITY is the primary reason as to why we are failing to address the problems our enemies put in front of us (which we can overcome if we unite all Sikhs under a single united Gurdwara in every Pind and locality in the West).

2. Amrinder and Badal were puppets of Delhi just like Brar and KPS Gill. It's a shame Bhagwant Mann did not insist on all Punjabi Rajya Sabha representation (with at least 3 of the 5 being Sikhs like Bibi Khalra Ji) but I still have faith that if he can encourage NRI investment into Punjab (that Amrinder deliberately discouraged) that there can be big improvements in Punjab over the next 5 to 10 years with the economy projected to grow 50% over the next 5years and 100% over the next 10 years (provided Bhagwant Mann abstains from alcohol).

3. Female infanticide (silent self-inflicted Genocide upon the Qaum), below replacement TFR, late marriages or not marrying, alcohol, drugs, the cancerous disease of apartheid mindsets and RAW-sponsored apartheid Dera's and Santsangs within the Qaum, drugs pumped in from Pakistan with Delhi's connivance, anti-Sikh anti-Unity pro-drugs, pro-alcohol, pro-caste apartheid messaging via the non-Sikh controlled Punjabi music industry, sky-rocketing cancer rates, falling water tables, pro-Pakistani clowns like Gurpatwant Pannun seeing himself as the first President of Khalistan who will run the country from his multi-million dollar mansion in America (while destroying the futures of innocent youth in Punjab) are a few other issues that come to mind.

16 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

Promotion and practice of Panjabi 'values' over Sikh ones has led to smallmindedness, a fractious society and endemic corruption. 

The only ever unique and brilliant things to come out of Punjab are Sikhi and the language. Beyond that Punjabiyat has nothing to do with Sikhi and has nothing to offer us as Sikhs. The Sikh Panth will only really flourish when those from Malwa and Majha become a minority representation within a global Sikh Panth.

PS Dally Singh Ji would it be possible to put the prancing clowns on a separate so that this serios thread doesn't get derailed with more and more youtube videos, memes and gif's.

By the way I wonder what goes through Davinder Bal CEO of Sikh Channel's mind to run a religious channel on the one hand and yet operate a secular channel as a de facto front for Muslimbox and as a way of corrupting Diaspora youth from his own community!? Even the Christian channels in America delete out words considered offensive. Please do try and organise a petition in your ends to present to D.Bal and Sikh Channel over the conduct of the station that tries to lump Sikhs as Asians (along with Muslims) yet tries to divide our Qaum when Guru Sahib envisaged us as indivisible and all as the avowed enemies of lineage stratification.

16 hours ago, californiasardar1 said:

1. "Sikhs" do not follow a way of life that is consistent with Sikhi

2. How else could divorce, domestic violence, crime, sexual offenses, alcoholism, drug abuse, female infanticide, caste-obsession, dowries, debt from spending on extravegant weddings etc. be huge problems in the Sikh community? All of those things are forbidden in Sikhi.

1. Bear in mind that most Hindu's eat meat nowadays and many Muslim leaders drink alcohol and most leaders in the West do not care for Christianity regardless of how much Marjorie Taylor Green might pretend to. However, the masses not always following a way of life consistent with the ideals of a faith or ideology does not hold back Judeo-Christian civilisations, nor the Islamic Empires nor those currently on the Hindutva bandwagon which is likely to hold power in India for a good while yet.

2. Agreed, Anybody that understands Sikhi would not partake in those things. But maybe the fault is on us fr not doing parchaar of the values associated with Sikhi and perhaps being too quick to judge members of our Qaum as non-Sikhs and thus unworthy of redemption, parchaar or assistance. 

16 hours ago, californiasardar1 said:

1. I think a lot of these issues (for example, alcohol abuse) have always been problems in the Sikh community.

2. But some of these problems are relatively new.

3. Bhangara is a great example of this. 

4. I also think that weddings have gotten bigger and more extravagant. 

5. Caste issues 

6. I am sure that part of this degeneracy is promoted by external forces who want to see Sikhi die out. But at the end of the day, Sikhs latch on to it, and the responsibility lies with them.

1. It became a bigger problem in the last 200years and particularly after the racist British Empire stepped up exports of Whisky etc from Scotland to the sub-continent in order to drug out the natives (of India) just like how alcohol was and is used to destroy every Reservation.

2. The new problems were all devised by the Nehru-Gandhi family. The problem is why are we as a Qaum falling prey to such obvious schemes? For example, Nehru realised that if all non-Punjabi sehajdhari's were defined as Hindu's then at a stroke the Panth would lose what today comprises a 100million population of erstwhile Sehajdhari Sikhs outside Punjab.

3. Exactly the industry is controlled by Hindu and Muslim financiers yet RAW have clearly instructed them to hone in on a demographic that comprises 21% of the east Punjab population in order to destroy a united Sikh identity of brotherhood and equality but instead to promote an anti-Sikh identity of caste pride, alcoholism, drug addiction, criminality and failure. What's more is that the overwhelming majority of that said demographic do not realise that most Jatts are Muslim and that 85% of that community are non-Sikhs such as General Bajwa of Pakistan and Sajjan Kumar types from India.

4. It is pure degeneracy of the highest order. I am glad you will buy a rental property or donate the same to a charity helping Sikhs instead of wasting all that money that our stupid people regularly flush down the toilet on weddings!

5. Caste was never an issue among Sikhs until 1849. For example, the Ramgarhia Misl was initiated by a casteless Sikh of one ancestry and leadership was passed over to Sardar Jassa Singh. Now 90% of the fauj within that Misl did not belong to the same background as Sardar Jassa Singh yet because all Sikhs saw each others as equals and as part of a meritocracy it was understand that anybody can lead the Qaum. For example, Shaheed Bhai Sangat Singh led the Sikh Fauj at Guru Sahib's behest despite the Muslims laughing that the Sikhs were being led by an erstwhile so-called "Chamar" in Guru Sahib's absence. In 1977 the plan of divide and rule was hatched by none other than Sanjay Gandhi with Zail Sin's advice and after 1984 RAW attempted to destroy Sikhi from within via apartheid golak's. If we cannot unite under one united Gurdwara in each and every pind in Punjab (and locality in the West) in this decade then we will only have ourselves to blame. Especially in the context of RAW's overall goal to declare as many Sikhs as possible from Ravidasi and Mazhabi backgrounds as apartheid Dera worshippers falling within the Hindu votebank numbers by the 2031 census as they realise that these communities combined virtually match the numbers of the 40% plurality of Jatt ancestry adherents within the Qaum in east Punjab on an demographic basis. Sikhs need to enforce a don't ask, don't tell, don't promote mentality within the Qaum when it comes to caste and one United Gurdwara per pind is essential to achieving Unity in the Qaum.

6. Well said. Nobody can force someone to inject drugs. Nobody can force someone to abort a child. There is no excuse for apartheid golak's and people worshipping Ram Rahim Sidhu or the Dhillon family as supposedly God in human flesh much less to promote the increase and infiltration of the two Slavemaster religions and which have enslaved and killed tens of millions via Genocide. We as ordinary individual Sikhs have to play our part in fighting against the forces that want to destroy us.

Nothing can stop us if we are united and have pyaar for each other as fellow Sikhs and we treat those who can be tomorrow's Sikhs such as Bihari's in Punjab with pyaar and welcome them and integrate them into the Sikh Panth regardless of if they are not Punjabi (given the background of Shaheed Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji, for example) and regardless of if they are Sehajdhari. As more quality Amritdhari new blood will inevitably arise from new mostly non-Punjabi Sikhs for whom the message of Vaisakhi 1699 will resonate. Quality over quantity counts for the Khalsa Panth only. However, for the overall Sikh Panth numbers matter as recent decreasing Sikh demographics and repeated Genocides in the 20th century clearly showed us.

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19 hours ago, californiasardar1 said:



That is interesting.


But at the end of the day, the responsibility lies with:

1. The "Sikh" singers who promotes degeneracy in their lyrics

2. The Sikh audience who eats up such songs

IBRAAR RASHID, secretary, 6 Mar 2000-12 Jul 2004
KAMRAAN AHMED, secretary, 12 Jul 2004- 5 Aug 2021
RASHID AHMED, secretary, 6 Aug 1997- 6 Mar 2000
SHABBIR AHMED, director, 6 Aug 1997-31 Dec 2011

These guys are juts btw (surprise surprise). 

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