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What's holding Sikhs back?


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46 minutes ago, californiasardar1 said:

Personally, I can't even recollect my parents using the word "jatt" when I was growing up.

Same here.  Never even a point of discussion. It's not as if we were a highly sophisticated or educated unit that had transcended our farming roots, lol, but it was always more about trying to adhere to Sikh morals and ethics where caste and other stuff was ignored.

In some ways I wish there had been discussions of these issues when I was growing up, because when I went out into the big bad world by myself, it became patently clear most Sikhs of various backgrounds abide by caste prejudices regardless of where the commonly accepted caste power dynamics are acknowledged to originate. But this forum has educated / corrupted me wonderfully well. I think I'm up to speed on it all now. ?

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2 hours ago, proudkaur21 said:

Why do they do their hair cuts like this ? They look like clowns. "Expert jatt" lol this is culture for these people. And people think this culture is something to be proud of. 

This has made 'Panjabi culture' into a complete low IQ joke now. And it's disturbing because we live in an increasingly unstable world and we need intelligent and prudent direction for the panth right now, not this fantasy world being being projected that has very little correspondence to reality. It's actually delusional and dangerous, and takes a big chunk of the panth into retard territory which has serious long term implications. 


1 hour ago, californiasardar1 said:

My impression is that this obsession with being jatt has gone into overdrive in the last few decades thanks to trashy Punjabi pop culture. Would you guys agree?

It's definitely worse than it has ever been in my life, and way worse than just twenty years ago. People discussed it back then at uni (I remember), but I now realise people from a certain background were routinely lying about their allegiance to this crap.    Now look at what low brow, dead end they've taken the panth to through it. 

It's almost like a devious plan by an enemy of Sikhi come into full fruition. Turn us into dimwits.  

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48 minutes ago, Premi5 said:



Source: BBC  
  23 April 2022 7:54am

An officer was seen showing off his bhangra dance moves with a group of volunteers at a Commonwealth Games warm-up event in footage released by West Midlands Police.

Student officer Gorvinder Chima “got his dancing shoes on” at the event in Perry Barr to the popular bhangra track Mundian To Bach Ke.

They just start doing bhangra anywhere..... whyyyyyyyyyy

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4 hours ago, californiasardar1 said:

Personally, I can't even recollect my parents using the word "jatt" when I was growing up. I always knew we came from a farming background, but they were somehow able to get that across without resorting to "jatt jatt jatt blah blah jatt jatt" like these singers. Ironically, the first time I was exposed to the notion of "jatt" was at the Gurdwara from some bhangra-obsessed "friends."

I think that's a major part of the problem. I never knew caste even existed in the panth until I was a teenager and met some african-jut 'friend' at school who was going on about it (surprise surprise). Then we go through that weird day when you go home and ask your parents or parent: "what caste are we?"  and your whole perception of your community changes from then on.   I know some of my old pals grew up watching their father full on getting plastered on weekends going "main jut aaahhn! juttt!" and acting like an ar5e (especially to their moms). 

Parents pretending like casteism doesn't exist don't help at all either because this thing needs to be robustly countered and challenged, not ignored. People ignoring it as if it is some innocuous thing has helped it spread like a virulent cancer, where it now infects most of the body.  

It's not some small thing either: Outsiders (like anglos) have previously used these dumbos as proxies to infiltrate and control the whole panth. They've completely corrupted all Sikh institutes with their biraderi consciousness over Sikh brotherhood consciousness. 'Sikh politics' is a joke with votes having been bought with alcohol for decades now. Silly habits like excessively exuberant barn dancing, wedding ostentation, alcoholism to has spread to the rest of the jaats as well now.  The mainstream Panjabi 'culture' these people have created and promoted is an embarrassment to any Panjabi with a smattering of intelligence. Maybe worse of all is the economy of Panjab, which is a ticking time bomb with no robustness whatsoever, that directly relates to the large amounts of suicide taking place over there. 

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