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Any One See This In Birmingham

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this always happens during National Islamic week...they do it Birmingham City centre and Wolverhampton City Centre....They tried in Solihull once but were met with stiff resistance from the local white population...

Some Muslim people at my uni are involved with this kind of propaganda...

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check out the video of the little 11 year old boy that they convert on there!

The kid is soooo lost he doesnt have a clue where he is or what he's doing! And these are fully grown men converting a child without it would seem his parents consent or involvement (i assume.)

Personally i'd be ashamed if i was a muslim and i saw this video .. which they are treating as one of their mighty victories!

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And no one said anything?

Put up a banner saying Mohammed was born a Sikh and see how many unemployed, Pakistani benefit-receiving Muslim fanatics you get frothing at the mouth and screaming and shrieking at the press and the police about "Islamaphobia".


They should have a banner saying Mohammed was AKJ hahahaha!!!

(wasnt jatha bashing just thought it would be funny)

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Bottom line: Sullaas are SINCERELY, SERIOUSLY, and FORCEFULLY tryin to take over the world.

(No. I'm not being sarcastic or funny.)

It's actually very, very disgusting. So many sullees have tried to make me one of them. :6

Like that's ever gonna happen anyway <_<

I'm a girl who ties a dastaar.. If so many of them have tried to convert ME, think about what they're being taught and what they will do.

Sikhs in one area of Pakistan are now being forced to pay 100 000Rs if they do not convert.

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Bottom line:Sullaas are SINCERELY, SERIOUSLY, and FORCEFULLY tryin to take over the world.

(No. I'm not being sarcastic or funny.)

It's actually very, very disgusting. So many sullees have tried to make me one of them. blink.gif

Like that's ever gonna happen anyway dry.gif

I'm a girl who ties a dastaar.. If so many of them have tried to convert ME, think about what they're being taught and what they will do.

I thought it was happening mostly in UK (converting Sikh girls to Islam). Has that started to happen in Canada as well?

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There is a place in Dewsbury, near Leeds where they take alot of Sikh girls and convert them. This is where they have their Kaur2Khan events.

Sword of Islam - Sayful Islam aka Ishtiaq Alamgir (are very active in converting Sikhs. They are based in South England, from Luton to Gravesend. You will see them every Wednesday evening outside the Barclays Bank, opposite Nadeem Plaza (luton).

They are linked to Anjem Chaudary from Ilford London, he is probably the worst for converting Sikhs. He was recently found talking about how GHB (or Ketamine) should be used as a tool to bring Kuffars to Janat (Heaven - basically islam). And has had alot accusations put against him for Forced Conversions.

Aman Dhaliwal is also working very hard to convert Sikhs to islam, so is Simran Kaur Singh (recent converts).

Aman Dhaliwal goes around universities doing Seminars about how Sikhi (and he uses the word Sikhi) is false, and how the religion is empty.

Simran Kaur Singh is based near Leicester in a place called Hinckley, she teaches about Gurbani, and how it preaches hatred against Women. For some strange reason, she has had Santhia, but don't know who from???

There is a young imaam in Stoke-on-Trent, don't know which mosque, but he does regular comparative studies on Sikhi vs islam, he has converted alot of Sikh University girls, mainly from the Manchester area.

Then you have the most millitant ones who are based in Small Heath Birmingham, they use the front Dar-Us-Salaam, but are mainly ex-HUT.

They provide alot of anti-Sikh literature and also have alot links to the Butt family who are well known drug dealers in South Birmingham. They are known to hold Sikh girls against their will, and recently some were arrested for Human Trafficking.

Less not beat around the bush, muslims are put alot of effort in Converting Sikhs to Islam. They are now not concentrating the clubs, but now mainly at Schools, Colleges, Universities, the Work place, social services (womens refuge hostels), facebook, msn and on Sikh Sangat. They are many Sikh's from Good families who are being converted or even head-hunted by muslims....Please be very careful.

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