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are tattoos allowed in sikhi? anyone notice the increase in the amount of punjabis having them?

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As title suggests. I have noticed an increase in ppl from punjab rocking tattoos infact i noticed this for a while and just shrugged it off for some reason. Anyways do you guys also notice this I also seen women having tattoos as well. To me personally i am not a fan of tatoos and they kinda look immature and childish but  i would never think of someones opinion to be lesser just because they have a tattoo i even have friends with it

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these:       And then there's this....

Same situation everywhere.At my place I know some people who used to keep Kesh then they cut it and became mona.Then they have tattoos all over their arms.Really disappointing that this is happening i

would have been better to tattoo gurbani to heart and kept sabat soorat then they wouldn't have to tattoo their 'proof of faith' like idiots but 'pagal de sirr utte sing nahin hunde'     as bazurg are

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Nope. This body is given by our god and Waheguru ji made it perfect as per our soul’s Karma. We are nobody to modify it or to make it look more materialistic kalyugi “beautiful”.

Craze of this new trend is started by the crappy Bollywood. Our folks should be following khalsa Panth but not some jokers hijarray from Bombay. 🙏🏽

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I was gnna get a tattoo in my mona days, thank waheguru that i didnt! 

the irony when you see some fat bellied mona with a beer in his hand and a Baba Deep Singh ji tattoo on his arm. 

Some Indian actress i think it was the mandira bedi had ek onkar tattoo on her back and then she got it covered over with another tattoo because she started getting threats from Punjab. 

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