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Why do so many Canadian Sikhs try to speak with "blaccents"?

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Maybe because Jats are the only remaining group who are still actively alpha amongst the Sikh community.  We could also ask why are Jats the only group to aggressively take on Delhi in the protests.  

How much steroids and coke do these jut peasants need to take to make them feel alpha????  hahahahahaaaa!

Don’t say that bro you’re gonna hurt feelings of a certain ‘DollySingh’.  He still a hasn’t got over when his tribe got told leave by a few Kaleh armed with only sticks and stones from ‘Wakanda’.  Suc

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13 hours ago, californiasardar1 said:


These forums are completely dead as it is. It seems like the mods want to keep it that way, because they lock every thread that gets even a mild discussion going.


What a joke.

No, it was my request 


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Could have sworn to see a bunch of apne in California, especially northern California/bay area, doing the same thing you just mentioned? Bay area apne were literally walking around blasting Mac Dre and wearing baggy clothes back in the day. You find this everywhere with every single culture. Everybody is mimicking black culture.  The Punjabis in the UK and some parts of Canada are obviously going to regularly use patois slang because it is literally embedded within the culture. 


However, the whole wannabe thug culture prevalent in Punjabi communities in Vancouver and parts of Toronto is mad corny though. 

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bro not really the case maybe few fuddus in toronto speak like tht but most punjabis speak normally some of the gang types and wannabe gang types have a slight desi accent to how they talk even if they born here and some talk mix like tht i dont no any apna tht talks with a blaccent unless they r from toronto 

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 this is how they talk they dont sound black at all 


***content warning very bad video man disrespecting dastar and image of sikhi please watch at own risk its just to show small subset of punjabi culture is in canada from different coasts

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On 3/9/2021 at 11:57 AM, californiasardar1 said:

I have noticed that many (maybe even a majority) of Canadian Sikhs try to speak the way American Blacks are stereotyped to speak. This is also true for many "famous" Canadian Sikhs (think of "superwoman" and other various youtube "stars") .


Why do they do this? American Sikhs know how ridiculous and absurd it would look for them to go around talking in such a way. I don't understand why Canadians do this.


Maybe because Canada doesn't have any real "hoods," they think attempting to sound like you are from the "hood" is cool, and they know nobody will call them out on it?

Maybe Canadians are in general so used to not having their own identity and living vicariously through others that they think it's natural to shamelessly imitate other people?

Maybe most Canadians are just corny?

canada does have hoods lmao and even cities with no hoods have ppl who will kill u for nothing bro. i know ppl involved in these things and not all are rich daddys boys like u hear from brampton u shouldnt make assumptions without knowing full picture 

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On 3/10/2021 at 6:28 AM, TigerForce1 said:

Maybe because Jats are the only remaining group who are still actively alpha amongst the Sikh community.  We could also ask why are Jats the only group to aggressively take on Delhi in the protests.  You can’t knock a group of people who still possess the hot blood needed to take risks.    

its not really a Jatt thing either alot of other groups r involved obvi jatt  saini ramgharia tarkhan rajput/mahton in this lifestyle but ive never seen bedi and i never met mazabhi in canada yet  but jatts r majority of population in canada so u hear more but the community has also been one of the pioneers in canada and for giving us great reputation aswell  

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On 3/10/2021 at 11:56 AM, GurjantGnostic said:

You mean theres some of you in their area?

bro blacks and browns can get along but we dont mix mix u cant have kaley taking over ur area u gotta have order or bc will turn like toronto n we never lettin tht happen punjabis will control these places forever

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On a side note, look at how far we've fallen. We legit went from taking the Khyber pass to getting Khanda neck tattoos along with Nirbhao Nirvair forearm tats. 

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