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Why do so many Canadian Sikhs try to speak with "blaccents"?

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20 hours ago, TigerForce1 said:

Maybe because Jats are the only remaining group who are still actively alpha amongst the Sikh community.  We could also ask why are Jats the only group to aggressively take on Delhi in the protests.  You can’t knock a group of people who still possess the hot blood needed to take risks.    

I was surprised that they still has some fight in them, after watching videos of the recent protests. I had the impression that after the 80/90s that fighting spirit died.

It's a good thing. I think a gym should open in every pind and wrestling/kabaddi should be encouraged.

After seeing the videos of the protests, there is some hope, because unfortunately I think we're heading towards another very dark period under the Indian government. Its worrying. 

The future seems very uncertain, but they're gnna need that fight. 


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20 hours ago, GurjantGnostic said:

Careful. queen's english only, post imperialization Bhenji. It's the only master-authorized lingo. You don't want to offend the priorityless . 

I mean why focus on something important or unoffensive?

Topic of this thread should be "Why do so many Sikhs speak english?".

give it a few years and everyone will be speaking punjabi in Uk ...

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11 hours ago, Premi5 said:


I agree with him, there are too many topics here where we are discussing race.

I can see that it’s causing a lot of disagreements.

I don’t think we are getting anywhere with these topics. 


I think we are getting somewhere. 

We are clearly seeing how hordes of apnay aren't interested in racism until it affects them. And that other communities do an infinitely better job of confronting white supremacism than Sikhs - many of whom seem to have beta-maled themselves to goray. 

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9 hours ago, TigerForce1 said:

Yeh they did!  Some by starching and ironing their turbans to the point they no longer resembled turbans, but more like hard hats.  Some also pushed a fashion where shaving and shaping their beards whilst wearing tiny turbans became the norm and being Sabat Soorat was considered backward.  Some also abandoned their motherland and replaced it by calling a African imperial colony their home.  Some of them also built the first Gurdwaras exclusively to serve and be run by certain surnames.  Some of their children are also championing the LGBT movement in the UK and dress like fudoos.  I could go on all day but that would make me become you.  


Knock yourself out.

Nothing will detract from the fact that the vast majority of murdering rapists who attacked the Khalistani lehar were............yeah you guessed it...sick sadistic peasant beta males, who'd do anything for a few rupees, including a genocide on their own kind. Alpha males my bhund! lol! 

These people are so beta, you can actually come into their land, steal all the resources, put them to work like b1tches, and even arm them (????) - and make them fight your battles abroad for a few rupees that you stole off them in the first place. And it would never occur to these beta male pu55ies to fight back, even though they outnumbered the colonisers and were armed - that's how docile these 'alpha' males are. That's a level of stupidity that's rare to find in humans......phew 

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    • I hope you're not basing your opinion on much later artistic representations?? That would be insane. They are not photos.......    But you do have a point about Guru Arjan Devi ji's shaheedi. Jahangir (in his memoirs) specifically mentions that he ordered Guru ji to be executed in line with some ancient (from Genghiz Khan's time) little known Mongol laws called 'yasha', and as far as I can tell, under these protocols nobles were to be executed without having their blood spill on the ground.  I have read of Singhs being hanged from trees by their kesh in 18th century Persian accounts of conflicts with Singhs. If the whole aim is to terrify and  destroy your captives, I doubt the persecutors would have cared too much about keeping their prisoners dastaars on - if anything I would imagine they would have gone out of their way to remove them, to try and degrade them further.   
    • City Sikhs, Project Naad, British Sikh Association (lord Rami ranger)- Complete jokers. 
    • Does anyone know from historical written sources, if it is specified whether Singhs were allowed to keep their head covered when persecuted by the Mughals, during torture/execution?  Was it just on a case by case basis? For Guru Arjan Dev Ji, it seems head was allowed to be kept covered with Dastaar.   most of the photos I’ve seen Banda Singh Bahadur with head uncovered   @dallysingh101 ?
    • Proper Bezhti.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-64496456 Jasvir Singh: 'I'm a devout Sikh - and married to a man' Published 8 hours ago Share   Image caption, Jasvir and Nick on their wedding day By Aleem Maqbool Religion editor, BBC News   Jasvir Singh is one of the most prominent Sikh voices in British public life. He is also gay - a fact that he has kept mostly private until now. It's put him at odds with some members of his own community, but he says he now wants to speak up about his sexuality. Jasvir Singh lays out some photographs on the table in front of him and takes a deep breath. They are pictures of joyful moments from the day last summer when he married his husband, Nick. "I know that speaking about this is going to be highly controversial," he says. "I'm sure there will be lots of people out there who will be upset, annoyed, even angry at me. "But I've got nothing to hide and I know that I have got Waheguru [God] with me, as I have had Waheguru with me all the way." Jasvir is a family law barrister and the main Sikh contributor to Radio 4's Thought For The Day. He has just been awarded a CBE for his work bringing faith communities together and advocating for vulnerable groups. But through it all, he has lived with a swirl of speculation about his private life - often spilling over into attempts at intimidation - that he now wants to address head-on. "There is a very small element of the British Sikh community that makes itself loudly heard. From them I have received death threats for being gay, I have been accused on a TV station of being an infidel and I have even had individuals call me up and threaten to expose me." Though Jasvir says he has not tried to hide his sexual orientation, it is not something he has talked about publicly. Recently, however, Jasvir says he has been confronted by an unsurmountable obstacle that meant he could not live out his faith in the way in which he wanted and in the way others can. "My husband is white, British, and was not born into a Sikh family. But he understands my Sikhi (Sikhism) and he has respected and embraced that part of my life. We have said we want to have a family and want to bring our children up Sikh. "We spoke about the kind of wedding we wanted in great detail, but sadly there was no way of getting married in a gurdwara, even though in my interpretation of the Anand Karaj (the Sikh marriage ceremony), there is no reason for this." .... Jasvir and Nick have just returned from their honeymoon, during which they visited gurdwaras in Punjab and in other parts of India.  
    • https://www.sikhawareness.com/topic/13602-destruction-of-panjabi-education-system-post-annexation/
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