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Why do so many Canadian Sikhs try to speak with "blaccents"?

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1 minute ago, Ranjeet01 said:

I think Jagsaw called it back in 2019:

 the white pale skinned man here playing at being a Sikh but, being a white man, possesses that inherent white trait of thinking he has the moral and intellectual high ground over you brown people - enough to lecture you on what you the brown people should be thinking.

Yeah. Racism. Not Gurmat. That's not me telling you it's your Guru. 

It's just pathetic anyone has to remind you. 

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2 minutes ago, Ranjeet01 said:

Nothing triggers a white person than when you call them out on their racism. They shouldn't use Sikhi as cover for their white supremacism.

Applause. Take a bow bro. You're tuly... flexible...

When you get to Dharam Rai and he shows you how Akal prepared me for specifically this you're going to laugh your <banned word filter activated> off. But it is literally one of my more unique areas of expertise. You must hate it. 

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Bro. Instead of the overplayed race bait threads you use to make a fuss, I want you to dig deep. You're truly talented. I need...like better work from you. I know its A worthy for the other kids ...but you and I know you're capable of so much better...so as...bright as this is... I'm..going to have to give you D and hope it inspires you to really...reach your full potential. 

And to be honest...this.... isn't even your best work this semester...

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2 hours ago, GurjantGnostic said:

I mean is that what you bond with your white masters over, you both agree at least "you" are not "black"?

Just brown. It's okay. "They know their place. They repeat what we tell them. Spout our views. Such a better parrot than those uppity aboriginals. Just can't die already so we can enjoy their country without looking at the evidence of our genocide of their culture.  Yeesh. What a reminder."

Give you a warm fuzzy?

Mate, I never said anything about Aboriganal Australians, they're fine. Sometimes, they get extra piveledge, which is fine considering what happen here around 50 years ago. 

I'm not saying white people are innocent, some of my mates have experienced racism but that was years ago, I've personally never experienced racism from white. And the white are not my masters.

The only black that I've had a problem with is those from Africa. I'm not saying all of them are bad and should be banished, but most of the crimes that happen are by afro black people (minus the eshays). The other point I was making is that unlike North America, the people here don't try to act like them or don't really talk like them, which means we are our own people, not whitewashed, and not blackwashed (if that's what you call what's happened to a lot of North American punjabis). 

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