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    • I think the documentary was good . It did not do justice to the interfaith marriage , just showed one view but did not actually explain what Anand Kharaj is and why Sikhs oppose interfaith marriage if the other party do not believe in maharaj jis values.  I think that part of the footage portrayed Sikhs as thugs. Bhai Jagraj Singh summed it up well , "where do we get our sikhi from" , how qualified are we to comment on sikhi. ( which made me think , how much Sikhi do I know and follow …….very little ) The Singhs who covered their faces , why ? They should have explained what Maharaj Ji is telling the sangat , rather than covering up faces , trying to hide something. Be proud and truthful so one can stand anywhere in the world without covering up because one is speaking and acting  truthfully. From the documentary I think Sunny is realizing what Sikhi is and the message Jagraj Singh has been preaching . Which is a good thing . The message about sikhi camps I think was true , where the sangat get more from Sikhi Camps than the Gurudawara in terms of spirituality, dialogue , information easy to understand etc.. This I think we need to learn upon and bring into the Gurudawaras more. I think documentaries around Sikhi should be positive , encouraging and motivating because Sikhi is that and much more . Issues that effect the Sangat which relate to Sikhi such as Anand Kharaj , should show both views and not snippits and I guarantee you the Gurus message will come on top all the time. The beautiful message of Sukhmani Kaur when Sunny was saying he doesn't feel anything relating to Sikhi , she replied its because you need to experience it and not just read it for knowledge.        
    • Their fear of black people -- subconscious or otherwise -- also plays a part in what you're describing. Salman Rushdie wrote an article about this aspect of race in the West (he describes how white racists assume South Asians are easier targets than blacks because of the assumption Indians and other South Asians are weaker), a few years ago before the intense scrutiny of identity politics was a feature in social commentary. He got blasted for it back then. I can only imagine what the reaction would be if he wrote something similar in the current era. 
    • Having departed from the forum at the end of June 2019 because I needed to enter a new field of work and had to re-train to learn some essential skills, I only returned to the Internet in general just prior to the New Year, so on that front I'm afraid you're completely off-target. Shall we ask the mods to post records of who's logged in when and for how long? I'm sure the logs will absolve me of the very thing you're accusing me of. I have nothing to hide. You never agree to this whenever I suggest we do this. Why is that? Unlike you, who wrote one of your usual self-aggrandising posts decrying the people on this forum for not huffing your farts to the extent that you'd like before departing for the umpteenth time in that feminine and overly dramatic way you feel compelled to behave, vowing never to return, what do I see when I return to this forum in December 2019? JAGSAW NEVER LEFT, lmao. You lonely little scrote. You even stated before you turned tail -- and I paraphrase -- "if someone posts using my screen-name, then it isn't me." So, who am I talking to now, Jagsaw? Is it one of your clones? Unlike you, my life doesn't revolve around the Internet. It's okay if your benefits don't cover your expenditure, and you need to spend your life trolling on internet forums for various organisations (Hope Not Hate? Socialist Worker? One of the U.N. affiliated organisations? Nah, too upmarket for you. I suppose you'd be lucky to have an active WordPress blog, lol), spreading disinformation and discord. I hear it's a well-paid profession for the dedicated. And it's funny how you always seem to manufacture this fantasy scenario that I'm disabled. That, inadvertently, does reveal a lot about you. Psychologists call it "projection". I'm guessing you're disabled, hence why you've spent your entire life on this forum, and even when you've gone off in a huff, you haven't really gone anywhere, have you? You still lurk on here like the little undesirable spastic that you are, hour after hour, day after day, week after week... you get the picture. So what is it, Jagsaw? What disability have you got? Physical or mildly psychological (aside from being a raging Trotsky devotee)? Is that how you managed to ensnare an '84 orphan? There were no takers in the UK I suppose. You thought she'd be grateful; she'd forever worship the ground on which you trod. You assumed because you "saved" her from such a horrible past, that she'd grovel and thank you every day for being her saviour, her knight in tutti-stained armour. But that's not how it turned out, is it? She doesn't appreciate you at all; your untapped "genius" and all those quirks and foibles that make you what you are, completely undervalued and ignored. And whose fault is that? It's yours. You just wanted to virtue signal what a wonderful human being you are. You assumed you'd be able to laud it over her; to keep her in check. You wanted to be congratulated everywhere you went, but that's not how it worked out, is it, you mongoloid.  You're just a meal-ticket; a vessel through which she obtained a plane ticket and a visa to the West. I bet that money she's been sending home all these decades (either with your knowledge or behind your back) is something you resent, too. Ultimately, that's all you are to her. Currency. If I were you, I too would spend my entire life on the Internet trying to escape the galling feeling of an empty existence devoid of any real connection and meaning. Remember, I didn't marry an '84 orphan. I'm busy trying to make something of myself before committing to marriage. I'm also not disabled. So, there's no point in resorting to deflecting what I've said to you onto me like you usually do when you feel things are hitting a little too close to home. The above is all you, and you know it. I don't need you to admit any of it. The Force is strong with me, I can sense it, lmao.    Never change, Jagsaw. You're good entertainment if nothing else.
    • I just found them on google images and sikh reddit,  cant remember what u was searching but I came across these photos. I really like old photos too. One of the best or probably only good thing the British did was take photos of old india. 
    • Anyone find the media coverage hugely biased towards certain black people?  I have always wondered why the mainstream white media of the USA and Britain. Gives great exposure to black sports athletes, black musicians ect, but lacks the same for brown athletes and any other races. It's almost likes black people are held on some kind of pedestal. Many white and media types love to heap praise on black people in the media. Is it down to some kind of love affair with their African brothers? I personally feel it is more to do with their religion. Many blacks particulalry in the USA are loved by whites for one reason only. Their faith. If Kobe Bryant was not a staunch Catholic who did not attend church. Would he get the same kind of praise from the white dominated Christian media? Would he be backed even though there was some controversy over his past with the law.  Blacks are generally accepted more then other races. Here in the UK and USA due to their faith. If they were not Christian and did not have English names. I wonder if the media would be so kind and full of praise for black media types of they were not of that faith. I recall the boxer Anthony Joshua comming other much criticism and condemnation when he visited a mosque. The white British loved him. Untill they found out he may be into Islam. Then suddenly he was not as popular with media and general public as before and started getting criticised more.  The media didn't like to admit it but they favour their own faith people over others. Fact is British Asians and other ethnic groups will never be accepted more then blacks due to their faith being non Christian.   
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