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Leamington Spa Gurdwara Committee Vows To Hold Akhand Path For Indira Ghandi

Guru Panth Khalsa

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The apostate congress-communist led committee of Leamington and Warwick Gurdwara Sahib, has announced from the stage that it does not believe in Shaheed Bhai Beant Singh, Shaheed Bhai Satwant Singh, Shaheed Bhai Sukha And Bhai Jinda as Shaheeds but as terrorists.

The local Sangat has organised a Akhand Path Sahib in memory of Shaheeds, but that committee has vowed to hold a Akhand Path for Indira Ghandi as they consider her a Shaheed too. The committee has planned to disrupt the programme this Sunday at the Gurdwara Sahib, all Sangat is requested to attend.

The wider Sangat needs to offer their support the local Sangat who are been bullied for upholding Panthic ideals.

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These Singhs have been declared as Shaeeds by the Akal Takht. I am sure the constitution of the Gurdwara has reference to the Akal Takht.

This is a direct challenge to the Sikh Panth, to see if we are still awake, are we going to accept and support the local sangat in a peacefull manner?

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The congress lot are a dying breed in the UK - no UK born sikhs want to join them.

What i find most ironic is that i know loads of the kids of congressi parents, and they are infact Pro-Khalistan, pro-Sant Jarnail Singh & this is going to increase with time.

If a date is fixed for Indira...please let the UK sangat know...as this then becomes an issue for the panth and not just leamington.

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This is a very sensitive issue and the facts need to be confimred before randomly sending around messages like this.

I have just spoken to someone in the committee there and and as it appears the ex-comittee and present are using this senitive issue to put each other down.

He said that they were NOT planning to hold an akhand paath for Indiara Gandhi and they were not going stop the akhand path at the weekend for the shaheeds, but the issue was around the orgniasers putting posters. The commiittee dont allow anyone to put posters up.

If anyone local has any more info would be appreicieated.

All i am saying is dont jump to conclusions before getting the facts right.

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yes its the new Gurdwara Sahib, the Leamington & Warwick Gurdwara Sahib.

Sangat from all over the UK are requested to attend this Sunday, in support of the local Sangat who are being bullied by the committee. Due to the congressi-communist influance in the committee it is to be noted that a majority of the committee has resigned due to this injustice, including Mohinder Singh the General Secretary.


PANTHIC.ORG | Published on November 8, 2011

Leamington Spa (UK) - Khalsa Press has been monitoring the anti-Sikh activities that have been taking place in Leamington & Warwick Gurdwara for some years. The current committee is a coalition of Congress-Communist apostates who have made a strangle hold on the Gurdwara Sahib. The modern day Masands have sunk to a new low by insulting the Panth’s Shaheeds and venerating tyrants who desecrated the Sikhs’ holiest shrine to the same level as the Sikh nation’s martyrs.

For many years the Leamington and Warwick Sangat have been holding an annual Akhand Paatth in remembrance of all the Sikh nation’s Shaheeds (martyrs). In the same spirit, the local Sangat is holding an Akhand Paath, after which Dhadis are going to sing Vaars in tribute to Shaheed Bhai Beant Singh, Shaheed Bhai Satwant Singh, Shaheed Bhai Kehar Singh, Shaheed Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda and Shaheed Bhai Sukhdev Singh Sukha.

In the lead up to the Akhand Paath, two weeks ago the local Sangat approached a senior member of the Gurdwara management committee about putting up the poster for the Shaheed remember event on the Gurdwara notice board. The gurdwara committee member replied that the poster cannot be put up as some people have complained that it displays photos of Indira Gandhi’s killers. The Sangat explained that the people on the poster are the Sikh nation’s great Shaheeds who have been honoured by Sri Akal Takht Sahib. The committee member replied that if we allow this Akhand Paatth then someone could argue that it is okay to do an Akhand Paatth for Indira Gandhi as she is also a ‘Shaheed’. It is beyond belief and utterly disgusting that a so-called gurdwara committee member can call a tyrant who has the blood of thousands on her hands a ‘Shaheed’.

“We only accept those as Shaheeds who are included in the Ardas. We do not accept anyone else as a Shaheed"

- Leamington Warwick Gurdwara Management

The Sangat approached some committee members again one week ago about putting up the poster on the notice board. The committee members replied disgracefully that “We only accept those as Shaheeds who are included in the Ardas. We do not accept anyone else as a Shaheed and this poster cannot be put up.”

That Sunday, the Stage Secretary made an announcement on the Gurdwara stage that, “an Akhand Paatth will be held next week by a small section of the Sangat because the whole Sangat does not consider those people Shaheed. Some call them ‘terrorists’ and others ‘Shaheed.’ The Committee only accepts those as Shaheeds who are mentioned in the Ardas. For this reason the poster with these photos will not be allowed to be displayed in the Gurdwara. Only Guru Nanak’s Bani can be preached here, no other thing is allowed here.”

The local Sangat wish to ask the Gurdwara committee, how can the Sikh nation forget those heroes who lifted up the Dastaar of the Sikh nation and honoured the nation. The committee’s consciousness has died that they have forgotten Sikh history. They needed to be reminded that whichever tyrant destroyed Sri Akal Takht Sahib was punished and delivered justice, whether it was Ahmed Shah Abdali, Massa Rangar, Indira Gandhi or General Vaidya.

The whole UK Sikh Sangat is urged to attend the Akhand Paatth bhog at Leamington & Warwick Gurdwara on 13th November where the Sikh nation’s Shaheeds will be remembered and honoured through Dhadi Vaars. The wider Sangat needs to offer their support the local Sangat who are been bullied and cornered for upholding Gurmat and Panthic ideals.


PANTHIC.ORG | Published on June 23, 2011

Leamington Spa, UK (KP) - In further evidence of the ongoing deterioration of our Sikh institutions, disturbing anti-Gurmat ideology of the newly formed management committee of Leamington & Warwick Gurdwara Sahib in UK has come to public light.

In a letter obtained by Panthic.org, members of the Committee campaigning for the old Gurdwara Darbar Sahib building to be converted to a wedding party hall, have written to Man Jitt Weekly newspaper sharing their original thoughts about Gurdwara Maryada and respect of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

In attempts to vilify the Sikh community who are striving to follow the Sikh faith and defend the Sikh religion from internal attacks, Mota Singh from Leamington Spa writes in favour of the Dudley Gurdwara Sahib for allowing meat and alcohol parties, despite the Dudley Gurdwara committee admitting in a signed statement that they had insulted Gurmat by allowing meat and alcohol parties in the Gurdwara owned community hall.

Panthic Enemies, Sumedh Saini and Parmraj Umranangal

We have several reports that allege the same Mota Singh, who is a local politician, has dined with and entertained Punjab Police officers Sumedh Saini and Parmraj Umranangal when they visited the UK. These two notorious police officials are well known for being responsible for the torture and murder of thousands of Sikhs in India.

“Perhaps the animals in Dudley Zoo would not have done such a thing that was done by the people of progressive modern religion. Some people consider this a ‘rigtheous act’ and must be celebrating ‘victory’. Congratulations to their “wise minds”.


Large animals eat smaller animals and yet Mota Singh claims animals are more civilised than Sikhs who defend their religious institutions from the clutches of corruption and sacrilege! May it be reminded that to save our Gurdwaras from the hands of the corrupt Mahants (caretakers) who were eating meat and drinking meat in the Sikh sacred institutions and used to have dancing girls entertain them, our forefathers went there, protested and sacrificed their lives in order to bring purity and sanctity in the Guru’s institutions. There are many examples like the Saka of Nankana Sahib, Panja Sahib and other many historical Gurdwaras.

Mota Singh, one of the lead members of the party in

control of Leamington & Warwick Gurdwara

Nowadays, a new breed of communists and apostates disguised as Sikhs have become the Mahants of the modern age. The Panth needs the spirit of our forefathers to save our Gurdwaras from the destruction of Gurmat that is being carried out. The modern day Mahants are offering society a cheap cost venue to dance their daughters and sisters in front of drunk men to lured and dirty songs and eat meat, drink alcohol and smoke tobacco in the happiness of celebrating a birthday or wedding.

“Eating meat or drinking alcohol if a human being’s personal matter, a lot of information about this is in Guru Granth Sahib, perhaps all religious scriptures talk about this. Does anyone have a right to question the eating and drinking habits? If there is no harm caused to you by their habits? Every responsible Sikhs will agree with this that in the Guru’s House there should be no intoxicants, meat alcohol, gambling and cigarette, tobacco – there is no place and nor should there be. Why argue? Because of this community centre’s are the property of the Guru’s House. This is an issue of argument. Yes, there is a way of dealing with this problem, if we understand and remember the background. Why are the community centre’s that are made through the Gurdwaras not given to social bodies? When the people have given the funds and it has been made with the tax payer’s grant. Sitting down the issue can be resolved but it is important that the intentions are pure. These Gurdwaras belong to the Sikh Panth and so do the community centres. We and the extremists have no mercy on the Sikh nation and nor do they understand Guru Granth Shaib’s teachings. This is not the maintaining of Maryada, but putting black ash on one’s head.”


It is an individual’s Karam and choice if they wish to feed off the corpses of dead animals, however for a ‘Sikh’ there is a clear guideline and Hukam from the Guru to live within an ethical and healthy way of life which includes no consumption of alcohol and foods harmful for the mind, spirit and body, i.e meat, eggs, fish etc. Where drinking and eating is a personal issue and no one interferes, it is unjustifiable to promote and accept social evils and activities that are contrary to the Guru’s Way in the name of Sikhi or in any property linked or associated to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the Saadh Sangat.

Drinking alcohol is a poison for the body and mind. This is frequently echoed from health agencies, however it is a shame that Gurdwara committees are promoting alcohol which not only destroys one’s own health, spirit, and mind, it destroys families, communities, and relationships. The Gurdwara should be on the forefront of promoting healthy living and true humanitarian service for not only Sikhs but the wider community by promoting activities that benefit all.

The biggest worry of actual Sikhs, who despite being labelled ‘Kattar-vaad’ have deep love for Guru and humanity, is that their fellow brothers and sisters born in Sikh families are becoming engulfed in alcoholism, alcohol related diseases and domestic problems related to alcohol abuse. Despite being labelled as hardliners and extremists, Sikhs will continue to promote the Guru’s message and continue to promote the true intoxicant of Naam and Bani. If one wishes to drink poison and ruin their life, then good luck to them, but why ruin other’s lives and families with the promotion of alcohol?

It is sad where the British government is trying to curb the drinking of alcohol and binge drinking some of the so called Sikhs and Gurdwara leaders are opening and justifying Gurdwara halls for promoting this social ill. Where the government is discussing can be reduced by increasing the prices, some of the communist led Gurdwaras are thinking and discussing of ways how people can find cheap venues linked to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji to enjoy and abuse alcohol.

The new Committee of Leamington & Warwick Gurdwara are now calling for a general meeting at the Gurdwara to override the decision of the Sangat passed twice before that the old Gurdwara building should be demolished and never used as a wedding or party hall. Although the new committee has made claims that no alcohol and meat will be allowed in the parties that are planned in the old Darbar Sahib once it is refurbished, Mota Singh’s article in Man Jitt Weekly suggests that the intentions are very sinister and that the group in control of the Gurdwara doesn’t see anything wrong in defying Sri Akal Takht Sahib and Gur Maryada by allowing dancing, anti-Gurmat music, and the serving meat, alcohol and tobacco in community centres that have been made through the Gurdwara.

Copy of Notice by Sikh Action Group


PANTHIC.ORG | Published on August 6, 2011

Leamington Spa, UK - On Sunday 26th June, the new Gurdwara Committee of Leamington & Warwick Gurdwara held a General Meeting (Ajlaas) to push forward their plans to maintain and refurbish the old Gurdwara Sahib dilapidated buildings (Hall 1) to make into a wedding party hall.

Twice before the Sangat showed overwhelming support of demolish the old Gurdwara building. In the first Ajlaas that took place in the old Gurdwara, the Sangat voted to have the old Gurdwara demolished and made into a Guru Ka Bagh (Garden) and in the second Ajlaas at the new Gurdwara, as a consequence of pressure from the wedding hall group the Guru Ka Bagh idea was dropped and instead plans for an Astro-Turf were passed.

The recent vote was boycotted by a large number of Sangat as they consider the new Gurdwara Committee to be corrupt and bullies. In the vote the party seeking to make the old Gurdwara into a wedding hall got the majority vote with approximately 500 votes, whilst the side opposing the plans got approximately 130 votes.

Despite the apparent “victory” of the apostate led Gurdwara Committee, there are number of issues that remain unaddressed by the Committee:

  • Is there planning & building regulations consent for the proposed work on the old Gurdwara building?

  • What are the costs involved in bringing Hall 1 into temporary use?

  • Why are details of cost and revenues being deliberately hidden?

  • What additional incremental income if any will this generate for the Gurdwara?

  • Why has there been no further detailed consultation with Sangat on future plans, as was previously agreed?

  • Who are the mystery donors and should this money not be used for the more urgent priority of debt reduction of the Gurdwara rather than making a wedding hall?

  • Why is the new “Gurdwara Committee” not focussing upon debt reduction?

  • Why divide the Sangat further on what has become a divisive issue?

  • Will the Committee allow DJs and dancing in the new wedding hall and would they put into writing that meat, alcohol, dancing, tobacco or any other anti-Sikh activity will not take place in any of the

  • Gurdwara buildings or properties?

  • Finally would it not be better to start planning for a completely new build facility rather than waste time & money on a temporary solution?

The General Ajlaas and vote wad described as “shambles” and “disgusting” by the various members of Sangat that contacted Panthic Weekly. According to several reports, the new Gurdwara Committee asked all members of the Sangat to provide Photo ID to enter the main Guru’s Darbaar where Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji was present. Members of the Sangat, local or from outside, who had come to pay respects to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, were refused entry and turned away using intimidation and in some cases force.

The Gurdwara Committee members threatened the Sangat with calling the police if they did not leave the Darbar Sahib hall by 12 noon. Reports accuse the Assistant General Secretary, Joga Hothi, of threatening elderly ladies who refused to leave the Guru’s Darbar. One Western Amritdhari lady who had come to the Gurdwara to do a ladies class, was initially refused to do Matha Tekh in the Darbar Sahib hall. The local Sangat claim that Amritdharis are treated and viewed with suspicion and made to feel unwelcome in the Gurdwara. Eventually the Amritdhari lady was allowed to do Matha Tekh but on the condition that she immediately left the Gurdwara. On lookers described the conduct of the Committee as “anti-Sikh” and “disgusting”. One mother of two said,

“Anyone is welcome to come and have Darshan of Guru Maharaj, whether they are Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh. It is said that Sikhs are stopped and restricted from going to have Darshan of their Guru. If they wanted to hold a meeting they should have held it in a separate hall or venue.”

In attempts to influence the outcome of the vote, no information was given prior to the meeting that registration for voting would be closed at a given time. Although ID was requested, not everyone's ID was viewed. One elderly Amritdhari lady went to register her vote using her passport but she was not approved to be eligible to vote, although she was a local elderly citizen. When the mistake was realised, she was told it was too late now for her register and vote. In attempts to influence the results, voting started before any speeches had finished.

Some local youth who are active in the Gurmat activities that take place in the Gurdwara were sitting in the Darbar Sahib as observers of the meeting and had no plans to vote. The two youngsters were allegedly threatened by the Joga Hothi that if they did not leave he would call the Police. The two boys, who are minors, were then physically manhandled and by Joga Hothi and elderly committee member, Gurbhag Singh. Seeing the physical bullying tactics of the Police, concerned women in the Sangat got up and protested at the physical abuse of the boys. A policeman arrived soon later but left very quickly after he saw that the boys were causing no harm or disturbance at all and that there were many other young children under the age of 18 sitting in the Darbar Sahib. What impression are the Gurdwara Committee given of the Sikh community and Gurdwara Sahib to the Police and wider public?

It is claimed that Committee members were "helping" some Sangat members who did not understand how to vote by filling the slips in themselves or telling the elderly ladies to put a cross in the "Yes" box. This was witnessed by several Sangat members. One Committee member is reported to have witnessed this happen on ten occasions, but no action taken despite being reported.

We received one report that members of the Committee were heard to say that Gurdwara funds would be used to fund the refurbishment of the old Gurdwara building despite the public face and line being used by the new Committee is that no funds would be taken from the Gurdwara to fund the wedding hall.

To add further shame to the antics of these corrupt Masands, the Committee is planning to stop Keertan and Panjabi classes or begin charging children money. Already there are reports that the regular youth Gurmat programmes taking place at the Gurdwara have been asked to pay gas, electricity, and room booking charges. Is this way forward for Gurdwaras to inspire and encourage the new generation to come to the Gurdwara and learn about their faith? What a sorry state of the Panth this is! Where there are some Gurmat orientated Gurdwaras investing money and time in attracting the youth and wider public, there is a also a worrying number of Gurdwaras pushing the youth away from Sikhi and would rather promote dancing, binge drinking and parties than Amrit Parchaar and Gurmat activities.

Bollywood dancing classes being taught on Gurdwara owned property

As a further insult, whilst Gurmat classes may be stopped, the Sikh community centre attached to the Leamington & Warwick Gurdwara, is running “Bollywood dancing” lessons. Is this promoting Sikh culture and religion? Whilst the wider Sikh community are complaining of how Bollywood is influencing their youth in becoming Patits, it seems this Gurdwara Committee are more than happy with Sikh children learning to dance to Bollywood songs.


PANTHIC.ORG | Published on April 11, 2011

Leamington Spa, Warwick (KP) – Currently tensions are rising in the Leamington Sikh community. An aggressive and vocal minority are pressing the Gurdwara Committee to reverse their plans in demolishing the old Gurdwara buildings to provide outdoor sports facilities. The opposing community members want the old Gurdwara building to be converted into an indoor sports complex which can then be used for meat and alcohol parties. In a statement to the local press, a member of the group against the demolition of the old Gurdwara buildings said, “We want to keep the building for small family functions like birthday parties…”

The 2006 Sri Akal Takht Sahib’s Sandesh prohibits any Gurdwaras permitting meat, alcohol, tobacco, dance, non-religious music or any other anti-Gurmat activities in any Gurdwara owned buildings or properties. Despite this, the group opposing the demolition of the old Gurdwara buildings are planning to build a large wall between the new Gurdwara and old Gurdwara in an attempt to hide the sacrilege and violation of Panthic Maryada.

Letter from Solicitor

A meeting was held on Sunday 27th March 2011 for the Sangat to vote. The meeting and procedures for the Sunday had been agreed by both sides, however the opposition, intending to stir trouble and terror in the Sangat, caused havoc in the Guru’s Darbar. Whilst the General Secretary, Jagtar Singh Gill, delivered a presentation about the proposals for an astro turf pitch and play ground facilities for the Sangat, in particular the youth, trouble makers stood up and began to shout, jeer and showed aggressive behaviour.

One Sikh lady in the Sangat said in a statement:

“It was a disgusting site. What do I explain to my children? Do these elderly people have no fear the Guru? They stood up, shouted, screamed and insulted Gursikhs. I have never seen the Gurdwara so packed as it was on Sunday… Drunkards and hooligans had been brought to the Gurdwara by the opposition party to intimidate the Sangat. Strict action should be taken against all individuals who insulted Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji that day.”

The Gurdwara Committee with the support of the majority of the youth encouraged the Sangat to repeat Waheguru whilst the opposition hooligans hauled abuse and attempted to incite violence in the Guru’s Darbar. Despite, a ballot vote being agreed by both parties on the Friday before, the opposition tried to take away the ballot box and cause disruption causing concerned Sangat members to phone the Police. Under the watch of the Police, an independent observer and the Gurdwara solicitor, and Trustees, a ballot vote took place in which 422 voted in favour of the Gurdwara Committee’s proposal to demolish the old Gurdwara buildings and 64 against.

In a statement to the press, Jagtar Singh Gill, speaking on behalf of the Gurdwara Committee, said that the committee had consulted with the local Sangat particularly the youth. He said a format for the ballot had been agreed, but many of those opposing the demolition chose not to vote. Both the old and new buildings are owned by the Gurdwara. Mr. Gill said that there would still be space for the community facilities those at the community centre called for. He further added that outdoor sports centre would be funded by a separate charity, as the Gurdwara funds were ring fenced to repay the loan for the new Gurdwara building.

Protestors opposing the Sangat's decision to demolish the old Gurdwara buildings in hope for the

old Gurdwara Darbar Hall to be converted into a booze hall in the guise of an indoor sports hall

The current Gurdwara Committee said that they had decided not to demolish the old building but to leave the decision to the new Committee that would be appointed on the 24th April 2011. Despite unsuccessful smear campaigns from the opposition, the Gurdwara Committee told the media that “We have been completely transparent in all our dealings. We had a consultation before this and it was debated on the day. This has been probably been the most transparent committee there has ever been at the Gurdwara Sahib. It saddens us that it has come to this because the building is such a wonderful place of worship.”

The saga continues, with the opposing party attempting to cause disruption and commit sacrilege in Guru’s Darbar on Sunday 3rd April. In the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, a spokesman from the party opposing the demolishing of the old Gurdwara buildings, said on stage, “The Sangat is higher than the Guru.” It is saddening that elders of the community have become blinded to the love, fear and respect of the Guru and are willing to do Morcha for the sake of a booze hall when our ancestors died protesting and fighting to free our Gurdwaras from the clutches of the Mahants who had desecrated the buildings by drinking alcohol, eating meat and dancing girls in Gurdwara owned properties.

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If they do, then they too should be sent to Indira Dirty!

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This is a very sensitive issue and the facts need to be confimred before randomly sending around messages like this.

I have just spoken to someone in the committee there and and as it appears the ex-comittee and present are using this senitive issue to put each other down.

He said that they were NOT planning to hold an akhand paath for Indiara Gandhi and they were not going stop the akhand path at the weekend for the shaheeds, but the issue was around the orgniasers putting posters. The commiittee dont allow anyone to put posters up.

If anyone local has any more info would be appreicieated.

All i am saying is dont jump to conclusions before getting the facts right.

Not having a go at you but actually to say that this is about in-fighting between commitee and ex-commitee members is nonsense. Everybody in the area knows that members of the current committee are also the same people who were involved in serving alchohol on Gurdwara premises a few years back. They are the very people who are now trying to stop the very popular learn and go sessions for young people, organised by young people, for young people. They actually want to charge young people for holding these sessions whereas other Gurdwaras would bend over backwards to allow this kind of parchar to take place. These congressis need to take note that Sri Akal Takhat Sahib has also declared the 1984-1995 period as a Genocide of the Sikhs

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