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Why Are Sikh People So Against Radha Soami Path


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Radha soami and dera choota sauda target unpard bibian (elder and young ladies) in India. These babay prey on young girls and abuse them and then the elderly unpard (uneducated) woman then convince the family to believe in this. Those who follow these cult leaders in the west should be ashamed they fall for such simplistic form of grooming.

Here's a documentary on these thugs:



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Why is it that sikhs are so against rs? First of all i wonder if we asked the great

Guru nanak dev ji if he had a problem with this rs path would

He to be as selfish as his follower never he would welcome everyone with

open arms as all the rs baba ji is doing is spreading the message,

just like the 10 gurus did, and to be honest this is where sikhs have got it

all wrong when they think the sikh bible is only for sikh it was meant

For all mankind not only sikhs and if we look deeper into the sikh bible

it is clearly writen that you have to search for a living spiritual teacher

And one who can give you the five holy names, im not here to upset

anybody simply want some answers

I do not blame if u call our guru bible while other religious books r treated like books as it contains fiction storeies but Guru Granth Shiab is guru its words r guru words gurshabad if u listen to it in open mind even u may not be knowing gurbani u will understand it.Second concept is Guru Panth it is khalsa panth represented by Panch piaras,we have great sikhs like Bhai Taru Singh ji ,mANI sINGH JI WHO GAVEUP THEIR LIVES LIKE TRUE SIKHS.DOES RADHASOAMI SOCALLED GURU HAS GUTS TO GET HIS SKULL SEPERATED LIKE TARU SINGHJI .He is busy diverting river water to his dera in beas making farmers poor of 80 villages poor and homeless by encroaching on their lands what kind of guru u call him.

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