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Bbc One Must Watch -Sikh Girls Groomed By Muslims


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There seem to be many generalisations about Sikh girls on this thread and others on this site - have you been to the gurudwara and seen how many Sikh girls/women are there doing seva and being interested in Sikhi? If we are talking about aspects of our community that may be influencing girls being groomed take a look at the negative undercurrent towards females - it doesn't take much to bring it out - just looking at the threads on this site confirms it, blaming the innocent female victims instead of the men who trap and deceived children. These people are targeting all communities except there own, yes we need to look at making our children more aware to prevent this happening but what about these disgusting men who have taken their innocence - they need to be targeted and highlighted as the ones who are responsible so that their own community are shamed into taking action.

Bhen jee, that is a common myth that many seem to be believing in. These pedo gangs have and will target vulnerable girls in the Pakistani community as well. How do I know? One neighbour of mine had his daughter preyed upon and he was a Pakistani Muslim.

Here is the detailed government report on the issue.

This is the website


You will see 3 reports on the righthand section. CLICK this one;

1- CSEGG Inquiry Interim Report - November 2012

The PDF will link to the full 138 report

Here are some extracts.

Pakistani girl Sahida.

This is Sahida’s story

‘Sahida’, a 17-year-old British Pakistani young woman, made an allegation of sexual abuse against a family member. As a result she was threatened with a forced marriage. Sahida’s family claim they want to remove her from the country to curb her ‘wild behaviour’. Following these threats Sahida began spending time with older males, described by professionals as ‘Asian’, and was moved to multiple locations by them. Sahida is now pregnant as a result of the sexual exploitation she has experienced. Family members have physically assaulted Sahida as a punishment for the pregnancy.

If you look at page 93 you will see the numbers of girls, by minority who have been abused by these gangs. Pay attention to the Indian and Pakistani numbers. The Pakistani numbers 17 and Indian 7.

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We cannot answer about what is going on in the Pakistani community (if these cases are happening with Pakistani girls), as much as it pains me to say it, we have to prioritise and focus on our own panth first ( I know it sounds selfish), but this is a must.

If you read in the twitter feeds, a lot of Pakistanis are in denial about the situation, with all the usual excuses such as their religion doesn't teach these things, where is the evidence, why are all muslims tarred with the same brush, it happens in other communities too. They try to deflect the situation as much as possible. It is a tactic known as "tu qoque" which means essentially the "open fly, torn shirt" argument as well as all the taqqiyah we can expect from them.

I am sure that grooming happens in a lot of comunities, but I see this as a virus and this is a particular Pakistani/Islamic strain of this virus. The islamic texts give them special permission and sanctions this kind of behaviour (whether you to disagree or not). Muslim people are people in the end of the day but the ideology is not good, just like German people are people but the Nazi Ideology is not good.

We as Sikhs have to do what we need to do to raise awareness within our own quam, if the Pakistani community are having problems also then they will have to pull their finger out. If anything, they would be in a better position to clean out the pimping/Prostitution/drug dealing/mini cabbing/halal fried chicken/mosque/local authority nexus (these things are all interconnected).

But they won't do that because it would mean that they have to confront what really is the problem (even the Good Muslims/Pakistanis) and we know what that is. Just like during WW2 a good German person could be a Nazi party member but disagree with all the horrific things that happened but are too scared to do anything because they would be killed, we can make the analogy.

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the funny thing is nowhere in the programme did anyone say that all muslims where like that and nothing derogatory was said about islam the religion

so i don't understand why so many people are being offended and keep sayign its not islam or muslims -

when they clearly stated the facts that perpetrators against Sikh girls tend to be pakistani muslims and not that they are all like that which some media outlets are now saying in defense.

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Interview with Chris Rogers the investigative journalist who worked on the " BBC Inside Out - London" documentary maker

The Sikh Channel ethics program that aired straight after on Sikh Channel with some members of the SAS team

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The programme showed muslim youth wear karas, shops selling them should ask for id

SP have said this for years and years.

As well as the need to rethink and reform the way we carry out Nagar Kirtans, as they are a beehive for perverts and groomers.

But their recommendations were ignored then, and I bet they'll continue to be ignored now.

In fact, the most brisk business that any "Sikh" shop does, is in Sikh Kara's. The owner and staff are almost always Kesadhari or Amritdhari, and yet they couldn't care less if a su22a picks up a Sikh Kara for 50p.

It is ridiculous.

Likewise, on the point about Nagar Kirtans; Gurdwara committee members are so out of touch, that they have NO idea what is going on at the back of the Nagar Kirtan; which is basically a free-for-all carnival atmosphere.

I requested a Gurdwara committee member to watch the documentary, specifically the part where the abused girl mentions that her abuser enticed her at a Nagar Kirtan.

The response was "oh, well it could have happened anywhere."

I pointed out the irony of that answer, and also explained how the Nagar Kirtan increased the likelihood of such an event occurring multiple-fold; but only after a "face palm" moment when I questioned the sanity of the said committee member.

Who needs enemies when.... You know the rest.

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