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Bbc Sunday Morning Live / Guest Jagmeet Singh Anand Karaaj Issue

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he did well to speak up and the presenter over-reacted. The other 2 Asians were more media friendly with their right-on attitudes, e.g marry whoever you want wherever you want. I'm surprised the Musli

Well done Jagmeet Singh. Personally I think every Sikh in the Uk should refuse to pay the licence fee collectively as they obviously don't feel we exist. Lets see them drag 500,000 people through the

When are apnay going to learn that white media will only support them when they puppet something they want them to? If it's Bend it like Beckham type ish, or making noise about how loyal we are and ho

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My first post in a long time, just a shame it is in such sad circumstances. Anyways, not sure if anyone has already done this, but Ive just sent a complaint to the BBC. I thought Id post it on the forum to allow you guys to use it as a template for putting in as many complaints as possible. I really feel that we should at least to get as many twitter/facebook users as possible to complain, maybe 70k? Surely BBC will have to listen then. Please spread the word!!

https://ssl.bbc.co.uk/complaints/forms/?reset=#anchor --> Complaint website

My Complaint:

I would like to express my anger and frustration with an incident that occurred during Sunday Morning Live. My anger is divided into three parts: the clear misrepresentation of the Sikh faith and its principles by the BBC, the constant undermining of Jagmeet Singh by Sian Williams and the severe lack of reporting by the BBC regarding the ongoing crisis in Panjab.
During the programme, the issue of interfaith marriages was discussed. This is a topic which has caused a large amount of distress in the Sikh community. For many people, such as myself, we feel that the media has not allowed us to articulate our reasoning for being against a Sikh and a non-Sikh partaking in the Anand Karaj ceremony in a Gurdwara. Jagmeet Singh from Basics of Sikhi, who was one of the panelists discussing this, tried very hard to explain this issue. He was constantly interrupted by Sian Williams and Edwina Currie before being allowed to finish his point. I found this very unpleasant as it played directly into the narrative that the media is not interested in hearing the Sikh point of view.
Jagmeet Singh also tried to raise the issue of the recent killing of three Sikhs in Panjab during the last three days of which the BBC has reported next to nothing. In raising awareness, he was belittled by Sian Williams.
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When are apnay going to learn that white media will only support them when they puppet something they want them to? If it's Bend it like Beckham type ish, or making noise about how loyal we are and how we served them militarily in the past they are all ears. When it is something for our own interests that they can't benefit from - they are not remotely interested.

Apnay bring this on themselves with mad naivety.

Sharpen up people!

Thousands of people have been marching in London for over a decade now about 84 and it's still a non-issue here. The grooming of Sikh girls was buried too, until goreean where 'discovered' to be targeted. Before that they were saying Sikh guys were just being jealous because they weren't getting laid.

Read inbetween the lines for God's sake.

You know, they must think we are really dumb to keep doing this, and when we keep going to them like we expect some rationality or impartiality, they must think we are even more dumb to still keep coming back for more.

It's not about mainstream media in the 21st century anyway, it's all about the internet channels.

I also tried not to look at it at a race or colour issue too but increasingly the mask of white privilege is rearing its ugly head and we can see how human beings are treated differently when by law they should be treated equally in the west.

When the moslem pakistani gangs were raping and grooming british hindu sikh girls the Indians complained back in the 1980s/90s/00s and were told to stop being racist and stop being islamophobic and their claims were dismissed. When even the BNP's nick griffin exposed islamic pakistani pedophile grooming gangs in 2003 he was told to shut up also by the white establishment. Only after the political winds changed and the establishment wanted to pick on "asian" grooming gangs for some reason rather than correctly targetting pakistani muslim grooming gangs did the white girl victims started to be listened to. But to this day the Indian brown hindu and sikh girls victim of islamic gangs are no where to be heard in the media. Even muslim girls were not spared by these muslim gangs but their voices were too drowned out by the anti-asian male ...white racist mainstream media witch hunt that was going on.

The true white English nationalists ie working class people knew it wasnt all asians it was pakistani muslim gangs but the white liberal and conservative upper and middle class elites within the british establishment still wanted to peddle the lie that it was "asian grooming gangs". non-muslim Chinese, korean, japanese and Indian men were looking around thinking hang on we are not part of these group of "asian" muslim pakistani rapists why you lumbering all of people of asia with these m0rons.

So yes in the west we can see the covert racist white elites of the British establishment do treat the Sikhs and other minorities with contempt and we can not and should not stand for it any longer, it needs to be exposed so that our people can see how sly they are and how differently they treat us.

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Whilst watching the video this is what I saw:

1. As you can also see from the above video Jagmeet Singh was not even given a chance to explain anything. They all ganged up on him which was very unprofessional, and it looks like a set up to me.

2. Funny how the guests all seem to have same views and they humiliated him, they did not represent their faiths at all but only their own personal views.

3. The lady on the big screen knows nothing, yet she had the guts to belittle Jagmeet Singh using the word 'youngsters' to imply that the Sikh youth are causing trouble. Would she have said the same thing if an elder was there? Maybe not, but probably would have had another excuse, to humiliate Sikhs. She has no clue about Sikhi and I'm assuming she isn't even Sikh. How can somebody who has little knowledge of Sikhi represent or comment on our faith?

4. Edwina Curry was well out of order, not expected of somebody in a high position to be so ignorant. And the presenter well, visibly discrimination, she has no respect at all.

5. Jagmeet Singh was interrupted again and again when he tried to speak. First they ask him a question, then they jump in to silence him.


6. Bbc is so unprofessional, if he was interviewed on Midlands today or a local channel, bet you they would have more respect and allowed him to put the facts and knowledge across

of our wonderful faith. But instead BBC decide to tarnish us to give us a bad image. Not impressed.

7. The only person with any respect for others I saw was Jagmeet Singh, he was very humble throughout it despite being silenced.

Don't blame him for getting up and telling the world.

Well done Jagmeet Singh.

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Why didn't he tell them what the Laavan Sahib says in the beginning?? End of story, since that is the Gurbani read then to complete the Anand Karaj.

Which video did you watch? ? Because they never gave him a chance to talk, that's maybe why. ?
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Lol, I watched the one you showed! The Singhji could have said it right from the start. If I was him I would have said from the start: In my religion Sikhism, interFAITH marriages are okay but not inside our place of worship with the way of Anand Karaj because in our texts that are read during marriage says that both people in the marriage will share a journey in Sikhism as Sikhs, not as people of other religions because by getting married we are giving ourselves to our respected Guru. Our aim is not to have converts, our aim is to lead whoever chooses this religion to be successful in being one with God.

Okay Ji. Try to get an interview with a channel and say it.

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I'm not from the UK, and I doubt they want to talk to any other Sikhs after this Singh ji interrupted them lol.

actually that was what he managed to answer for the first question after that he was interrupted constantly because they couldn't get an unreasonable answer to object to from him. Sian talks over the end of this to pull in Anita Kapoor (never heard of her and she looked more Hindu than Sikh...no singhni I know wears a koka)

I still do not know the affiliation or name of the other gentleman...

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I'm not from the UK, and I doubt they want to talk to any other Sikhs after this Singh ji interrupted them lol.

And have you seen the coverage of his 'interruption' that it has created?

Do you know he's having another interview?

It was actually a request he did not an interruption.

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Hmm well I didn't hear him saying that. I would have used my quietest/calm voice when I'd say it so that they would not talk over me (because they'd try to listen in). I'd also tell them before I talk please do not interrupt till I am done speaking lol. Bad that those people spoke over him.

Then nobody would hear him if he was that quiet. And anyways he wasn't loud, like the muddha programs you have on in India.

Focus on the main point, he got the message across.

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