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Khalsa Aid International Finances 2019

Guest guest29

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On 12/20/2020 at 1:51 AM, Guest ronny said:

dont believe them either,  I learned British sikh council had been doing very great job until a couple years back when they started making their school in Punjab. they fundraised under the name of Siglighar sikhs (well british sikh council had been very vocal about siglighar/ financially poor sikhs living in other states of india),  and had been saying that this organisation is devoted to nitaaney sikhs who cant afford to study etc etc, but guess what, their schoolin punjab is up and running now and none of the student is siglighar. This organisation had been doing a very great job in the past, organising amrit sanchaars, building Gurdwaras in other states of India, helping siglighars visit Harmandar Sahib, Amritsar etc etc, but sadly from last a couple years, Bhai Tarsem Singh ji and his companions aren't doing sewa for those gareeb sikhs. Their new school that they built in Punjab is just another private shcool charging hefty monies from children studying there. initially that school was made solely to bring sigligar bacche from other states of india and help to get them schooling (education) in Punjab since they cant afford to study. nowadays, this sanstha is fundraising in UK and not even a single sigligar/ poor sikh has been helped. if someone knows bhai tarsem singh deol  jil, please remind him what this sanstha was started for and if they can again focus to do sewa for people like them. otherwise whosoever misused sangat's money in the end has to give lekha to akal Purakh and Sangat. 

Shaheed Singhs would not even eat lentils meant for the movement when they themselves were starving. The stark contrast. I would not want to misuse Daswand. 

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True. This is why the best and only way is to give support directly. As Gurpreet Singh said they have lists of Shaheed Parivaars and then we should collect money for family and circle of friends and w

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Guest Ravinder

Yes there is something fishy about Khalsa Aid. I checked their financial statement    for the FY 2019. I just can’t digest a fact that travel cost for their operations within India is 23000 pounds which is nearly equipped to 23 lakh rupees whereas salary expenditure is just 3640 pounds. There is no information about their India operations whether they employ people or all individuals voluntarily work or if KA has employees in India what is their number. And 23 lakh travel expenditures  in India is way way too much. Most of the their is only concentrated in Punjab. I m sure they are siphoning off the money by generating fake receipts and false financial statements. 

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Guest 91Singh

No one here has provided any evidence of fraud just mere speculation. Yes it’s a relatively large amount of money but if you go on charity commissions website they have submitted independently audited accounts. If you have evidence of financial impropriety I would recommend you take your complaint to the charity commission who will conduct their own investigation, otherwise its just useless online gossip/envy. Anyone going to point any fingers at a prominent soho road baba who gets chauffered in a brand new mercedes s-class and range rover?

In terms of them spending less than their income I would say that’s a good thing they’re living within their means and have savings on hand if they need to respond to a major incident/ donations suddenly stop. Otherwise you’ll see them run emergency appeals like the 4 sikh channels we have in the UK.

While people are at it, why don’t you have a look at the SGPC accounts? I’m sure you’ll find a lot more to discuss there. Their accounts aren’t even audited.

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