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Deep Sidhu - Must watch


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1 hour ago, superkaur said:

There are many accelerationalists on all kinda of political extreme's and groups that want to push things towards violence while siting back comfortably and watching the drama. These people are the real puppet masters and real agents of manipulation that want to divert the farmer kisaan protests into something else so that legitimate demands that all or most people can support are pushed into something that only certain groups support.

Someone gets it.

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On 1/30/2021 at 1:40 PM, californiasardar1 said:

I see that I hurt a bunch of monay's feelings in this thread so they decided to "dislike" my posts.


Don't get mad at me. I didn't force you to cut your hair and renounce Sikhi. You did that on your own.

Don't hate on sikh men / women who cut their hair. 

Remember that which you discard will be picked by the enemy as a tool, they will utilise the frustration and angst in monehs mind against you. 

I say this while not downplaying the importance of sikhi saroop . I know of many haircut men in my family who have raised their sons as sardars. I think some ppl are just not sardar material but still they're useful In something else surely. It's like fingers discarding the ear because they're not part of hand, not knowing that they're part of something bigger


Think big bro. . bhul chuk maaf 

Btw I m sardar 




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