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Ukraine-Russia crisis


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7 minutes ago, BhForce said:

No need for sanctions, the West is imposing sanctions on Russia ... and now looking to get oil from Venezuela and Iran to make up the difference!

I mean, how stupid can the President be? Iran can just import oil from Russia (they're right next to each other), and then sell it to the west.

Oh, also, the US is relying on Russia to put pressure on Iran in the Iran nuclear deal negotiations.

Also the US wants Russia to agree to climate actions.

If there is one thing that can be learnt is that there should be a level of self-sufficiency.

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1 hour ago, MisterrSingh said:

It doesn't end with reading, though, does it? If education was such a boon for womankind, why is their mental health at an all-time low? It should've shot through the roof in accordance with the economies of the countries where they entered the workforce over the past 70+ years.

Problems with mental health of women is related to the Patriarchal religions of the West that treat women as chattels to be traded. 

Not the case for Dharmic women who have many Goddesses to aspire to. These women were also warriors fighting with men, as well as being involved in all aspects of the economy. Still true today. 


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1 hour ago, BhForce said:

The Sanghi guy is saying that people who shout for a separate state are now crying to get "home" to India. And he's laughing about it.

First of, those are not necessarily the same people.

Secondly, he's just demonstrating that India is not their country.

Third, if they had a separate country of their own, they wouldn't need to display the Indian flag on their vehicles. They'd display that country's flag.

Finally, it's not about the "power of India's flag". The only reason soldiers wouldn't shoot a car with in Indian flag is because India is not a party to the conflict. It's not about the "power" of India.

What's India going to do, bomb Ukraine or Russia?

You clearly haven't seen the videos of foreign students (Africans) being denied access to transport allowing them to leave Ukraine. 

It was only after India placed their Ministers at Borders outside Ukraine that things changed. Why Ministers? Because they have the power to declare a war if Protocol is breached. 

So why didn't any other country do this for their citizens? Such as China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA, UK? 

You need to get a reality check on the facts on the ground regarding India's global power and reach. 

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