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Sikh Farmers vs Muslim Gujjar clash in Majitha, Amritsar


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27 minutes ago, SikhKosh said:

Read my post before commenting. I said that Gujjars are physically fit and can give tough resistance

I did read it. I was agreeing with you.


27 minutes ago, SikhKosh said:

You clearly have not read about politics or chankya niti,

Yes i have brother.


27 minutes ago, SikhKosh said:

while we have fools like you who are afraid to use RSS or Pak whenever it may suit us because we are afraid 'to get used' or to 'the enemy will become too mighty'.

Pak? I'm glad you've brought that up. Try reading about the history of Pakistan and the Taliban movement. Pak Govt backed this movement until it brought chaos and thousands of deaths to pakistan itself, right into the heart of the country.

Then you may learn how dangerous it can be to try and use one power against another, only to find that power coming for you, once they have finished the other power.



27 minutes ago, SikhKosh said:

And thats a bad comparison you bought up about manipulation.

Why? It's absolutely true. The Cis-Satluj Sardars tried to use the British govt and look at how it turned out. Some of them very Raja's had to even abdicate because they wouldn't follow the british criminals.

They used one power against another and paid a price themselves. They all lost their kingdoms in 1947.


27 minutes ago, SikhKosh said:

The 'Sikh' cis-Satluj Rajas siding with a non Sikh to beat a Sikh ruler so they could save their own thrones is in no way what I implied.

You clearly have not read up on Panjab history then. It was a very poor and shortsighted decision that was made, that was a disaster for the Sikhs and Panjab. They saved their thrones for less than 100 years.

Read history and learn my friend.


28 minutes ago, SikhKosh said:

Let them do their job instead of feeding your false egoistic 'saviour' image by always siding with the 'minorities' against

I and my false egoistic saviour image will side only, and only with the Sikhs. Whatever is going to help the Panth, I and my false ego will be there.


28 minutes ago, SikhKosh said:

By waging a war on 2 fronts (RSS & Abrahamics) we will only lose because our lot lack psychological, social and political skills to tackle these issues.

Why wage any war when we "lack psychological, social and political skills" in the first place?

If we had any "psychological, social and political skills" we would sit on the side and let them destroy each other.

Shouldn't our first war be an internal war to sort out these skills and then take these skills to a more wider arena?

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Muslims and hindus are taking over Panjab .Whilst mass immigration from Sikhs  Panjab to West. They giving Chandigarh to Dehli...we lost kaum..cant blame others its over own biggest rats ..really nothing we can do either...i hope those nationalist Sikhs get the biggest humiliation from them..keep fighting for them whilst they wish you genocide and take over lol 


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5 hours ago, Jai Tegang! said:

So glad to see a young brother clued up on not just the local sistuation but also on what starts in the UK and ends up in Lahore's hira mandi.

Also Waris Punjab De's Amritpal Singh Sandhu is a ray of hope for the youth.

These gujjars have spread all over punjab and wherever they can purcahse land to permantly settle, that essentially means there won't be sikhs there in 20 years. One of the two gujjars killed had taken his <banned word filter activated> out and threatened to rape the sarpanch's womenfolk was only 18 and had 4 kids already. I've seen their deras aswell. It looks like a nursery. Plus, these are no soft muslims. They are natorious for keeping loads of aasla (weapons, guns) and kidnapping mentally challenged to salve away at their deras. They traffic them within their network of deras to prevent any tracing.

This is [was?] the perfect time to drive out these milk spitters back into jammu and kashmir.

the sarpanch was a female it was her husband who was attacked on first attack he ended up getting sidelined and these scumbags arrived a second time in large numbers to attack and carry away the females , thankfully they were met with bullets and they had to rethink . They  of course called an imam and he arrived for the cameras claiming he came in peace but look he had a shamsheer in his hand . The communists farmer leaders sided with the gujjars rather than the sarpanch and villagers

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14 hours ago, proactive said:

Their whole income is the sale of milk. During lockdown there was a boycott against their milk in a few places in Punjab and even Al Jazeera and the New York Times reported on this, then the liberal hara.mis got involved and got the boycott stopped by the administration. If a boycott is started all over Punjab these people would have no income and they would eventually leave Punjab or at least the rural areas. 

Muslim farmers in Punjab are facing boycott and Tablighi Jamaat must be blamed for this (tfipost.com)


There's a reason that in the old maryada, the Dals do not accept milk other than that milked by an Amritdhari Sikh. The milk from the Gujjars is simply no good, and there's no reason Sikhs should buy their milk.

Also, on what lands are their animals grazing? It's one thing for Punjabis to use common lands, it's another for non-Punjabis to come and use our lands.

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  • The title was changed to Sikh Farmers vs Muslim Gujjar clash in Majitha, Amritsar

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