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all those ppl crying bowt this legitimacy of this thread, get a life guys, come on wats wrong with watching films, not all r dirty or full of rubbish messages. Some films, like American History X and Higher Learning, have an amazing message 2 em, and have fantastic quotes that ppl make in reference 2 past poets and political leaders.

even movies like 'Boyz N Tha Hood' have a message about how black ppl r being made 2 kill themselves within their own neighbourhoods. Lawerence Fishbourne made a sensational statement in that film by saying how "its funny how in all the black neighbourhoods theres a liquor shop and gun/rifle shop on every single corner, yet u go 2 beverly hills (white ppl area) n u dont c that there? WHY because they want us 2 kill ourselves! " This tactic deliberatly used by the american govt, is now being used by the indian govt, where tekkha shops r on every corner (govt owned shops btw) and alcohol is given in return for loyalty votes during elections, YET u go 2 gujarat, where there is an alcohol ban in the entire state. I wouldnt have noticed this in my younger days, had i not seen the 'Boyz N Tha Hood' film. Im not solely blaming indian/badal govt for alcohol, but if u keep flashing it in ppl's faces, sooner or later ppl r gonna give in.

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1) A Tale Of 2 Sisters (Korean) 2) Higher Learning (American) 3) Bruce Lee - Big Boss (Hong Kong) 4) Trainspotting (British) 5) Long Da Lishkara (Panjabi) no particular order, my fave genre of fi

In no particular order... Back To The Future The Rocky Horror Picture Show Aliens Star Wars Toy Story Man, it's hard just selecting 5 only but I KNOW that Back To The Future is going to be in an

Godfather - Genius from Copolla. You come for the violence but you stay for the family drama. Kill Bill - A beautiful story about badla (revenge). My sisters could do a lot worse to watch and learn h

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i urge every1 2 watch this, ive jus managed 2 get hold of the scene i was talkin about, "The best way 2 destroy ppl, is 2 kill their ability 2 reproduce" - anything spring to mind sangat ji? It does for me, i can think of 1986-1995, where 250,000 sikhs were systematically killed not 2 "remove terrorism" but to kill our next generation, who'd b armed with knowledge! Look at the cancerous water in panjab, which is killing ppl, 1 in 3 in malwa i believe and the chemical in the crops.

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I am not speaking from a higher level than anyone..............i'm the same..........was the same..........watched a lot of movies, but there comes a time, when the atma screams and says this is taking you to hell. When you are watching movies, ask yourself what are you not doing? Sant ji did not become a Brahmgyani by living in duality, doing nitnem and watching movies.

The youth today are stuck in a vicious cycle. They want to help the Panth, then in the next minute they forget about helping the Panth and end up doing something that hurts their jeevan and those who are around them (one of the bad things Sant ji mentioned). These kinds of things keep your mind unstable and not to pick on a member, but kaljugi, just showed everyone how stable his mind is, with his last post, "I suppose books will be next on the list." This is a show of fustration and lack of understanding why Sant ji is saying. A stable mind does not react as kaljugi does. Instead it accepts the truth (which Sant ji spoke) with contentment and then contemplates over the truth to figure out why this is the truth. If we all spent less time on movies and more time contemplating over Gurbani, we would have stable minds, which don't lash out when we hear something that doesn't go along with our mind set. Gurbani tells us many times to pick up on the subtle essence, but then also says it is very hard to pick up on the subtle essence of Sikhi. It's hard because we don't let go of the ego. Sorry Kaljugi........you just happened to be the perfect example here. I hope you don't take offence to this.

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I am not speaking from a higher level than anyone..............i'm the same..........was the same..........watched a lot of movies, but there comes a time, when the atma screams and says this is taking you to hell.

No it is not taking you to hell. Unless you are watching the wrong movies. you are branding all movies as unhealthy, whereas many people learn many things from them. And even if they dont learn anything positive from them, it doesnt mean thay have picked up anything unhealthy either.

And Sant Ji is talking correctly about "romance" scenes in hindi films, and how hindi films paint an unrealistc portrayal of adult life. But this is not about every film.

You know how many black people turned to Islam in USA/UK after watching Malcolm X?

How many Scots became supporters of SNP after watching Braveheart?

How many Kazakhstanis began to treat their women properly after watching Borat, Cultural learnings of USA?

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    • Sikh population is not rising considering it is guru's birth place, their sacrifice and one of the major dharam who disavow the inequalities - be it caste, gender, color/creed etc etc
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      Very Good Initiative. I don't use telegram but i will join the program using Gsheet. 
    • By the catholic standard, gold medal for that guy not going after kids at least. Which does not get you jailed ironically. 
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      I would like to invite everyone to join this Amrit Vela Motivational group on Telegram -  Those having difficulties, those wanting to wake up, but cant and those who already have a routine setup, those who like to motivate others and those trying to establish consistent timings.  Please join this group : https://t.me/joinchat/BLA_8V09CE82MDZh Amrit Vela is the secret weapon against KalYug. You need Telegram App to join this group.    You need telegram app on your phone. Its a motivational group to get people to wake up at Amrit Vela. The group is now organizing a 40 - Day Amrit Vela challenge. The goal of this 40-day target is to help sangat get together and work towards keeping amrit vela for the next 40 days starting (Friday) Oct 01. The collective goal will serve as a motivation, especially those struggling to keep amrit vela and / or those working to establish consistent times. To sign-up for this amrit vela challenge, all you need is google sheet apps and fill out your name and put an 'x' under the time you woke up. The link to the google sheet is here  : 40 Day Amrit Vela Challenge - Google Sheets iPhone / Android / Google phone should all work. You can join the 40-day challenge without joining the telegram group if you dont want to. 
    • Italian priest is arrested for 'stealing more than £85,000 from church funds to buy drugs for gay sex parties in his home' Father Francesco Spagnesi, 40, is under house arrest as investigations continue Police have spoken to 200 people said to have attended parties over two years Police began investigation after reportedly finding priest's flatmate had imported a litre of 'date-rape' drug GHB Parish accountant discovered £85,000 had been withdrawn from bank account  Spagnesi also allegedly solicited donations from wealthy parishioners  Lawyer said priest had confessed to supplying drugs and would confess to theft Neither Spagnesi nor his flatmate have been charged with any crimes      https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10021339/Priest-arrested-stealing-85-000-church-funds-buy-drugs-sex-parties.html
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