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Rishi Sunak - Conservative Panjabi Hindu... Thoughts


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1 hour ago, Kau89r8 said:

Thoughts on him....

I thought he was reasonable unlike Patels but hindus will be hindus... his wife is Brahmin Hindu 

voted against law to promote human rights and equality

@dallysingh101 @proactive @proudkaur21

I don't think you get many super rich, spoilt, pampered c**ts who give a f**k about anything other than themselves and their own. This <banned word filter activated> looks like he would literally die if he had to handle a tough, cold, physical week on low rations.    

There are exceptions (people like Che Guevera) but I think people like this are groomed by their families to be self-serving, selfish b@stards who look down on poor people.  So they fit right into the Conservative party, until they are perceived to be getting to big for their boots, when the inherently white racist party, gives them a few kicks to remind them of their place (which is what I think we are seeing now).  

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14 minutes ago, proudkaur21 said:

With the way politics run in the world, anyone who is so desperate to get into the political scene most likely has sinister reasons. I can assure you 95% of these people dont get into politics to help society.

It's been said many a time before, that 'game' especially attracts sociopaths. 

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