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Racism - callout as it is

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5 minutes ago, justasking said:

canada is for everyone bro we know what will happen if sikhs  follow white culture look no further than uk community,

For everyone lol. If apne ran the country it would turn into another Punjab/India. Goreh know how to run and organise things. One thing's for sure  if the Native Americans were still in charge, Bhinda from Batinda wouldn't sell his left kidney to make it there.

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18 hours ago, Jassu said:

1. Indians, have literally been expelled from multiple African countries for being more successful than the natives. 

In western countries, blacks feel resentful for the same reason again. Because Indians and East Asians are more successful than them despite being a minority as well and being there for less time than them. 

1. Yes but that has nothing to do with the African Diaspora. In fact it was only Idi Amin the Muslim ruler of Uganda that expelled Indians.

2. Yes I have no doubt that a minority of African Americans no doubt feel jealous of Korean and other Asian store owners due to family networks that assist the newcomers to succeed at the expense of people who have been suffering in the country for hundreds of years. That actually perfectly illustrates the systematic racism that African Americans have been victims of.

17 hours ago, Jassu said:

1. By the way you PMed me to delete all my posts because "blacks will see and be offended and then not be inclined to join Sikhi".

2. Gurjant and MANY posters here have posted anti-white rhetoric for numerous years now.

3. If you look at the stats of this website, it is likely that more white people are visiting than black people.

4. Also, in general, more white people would be inclined to join Sikhi than black people who are more inclined to join Islam.

1. I stand by that but I now see that you didn't just post insulting comments about the black community in order to annoy Gurjant Singh but that you are actually trying to double down on your personal dislike of them.

2. Gurjant is Irish-American so how exactly can he be racist against white people? What Gurjant did was call out White Supremacy and racism by white people. If I oppose the Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs or oppose Islamofascism it does not mean that I am racist against Punjabi's. It is possible to be of a certain ancestry and still decry others who we know that are perpetrating racism or Islamofascism or Hindutva for that matter.

3. So because more white folks might read the site than black you thought you would get in the good books of white racists by parroting their racist tropes against the black community? Bravo!

4. Says who? So Prophet Muhammad was a white Arab Slavemaster and white Arab Slave Trader who sold and traded black African men, women and children for financial profit and you think that black people who are educated about Sikhi opposing Slavery, Racism and Oppression will gravitate towards Islamofascism which explicity supports and condones Slavery in the Quran and Muhammad's own life example (Sharia)?


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2 hours ago, justasking said:

i have had better expericnes with the somalis then i have with jamaican blacks 

Muslims of all ethnicities are taught to bide their time and gently flatter - or at least remain on cordial terms - with the dominant group in whichever place they exist for the sake of preservation when they don't have the overwhelming numbers to pose a threat. Give it another 20 years. When they've bred themselves into the ascendancy and Canuck Sikhs have hit their decline, something tells me these Somalians won't be as forthcoming with you guys.

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13 hours ago, MisterrSingh said:

1. We have a problem in the UK with the Afro-Caribbean community

2. Africans, from my experience, are really decent people. Things might be different from where you are. 

1. I don't know what planet you are living on MisterrSingh or which part of London you are living in as I have never had any problems with Afro-Caribbeans who are in the main superb people particularly the older generation (though i do not deny that a minority of youth influenced by anti-Black Drill music are bad eggs). But I strongly feel that you might be projecting your own limited experiences as if they are reflective of the UK Sikh community. I strongly believe that only a minority of Sikhs may have experienced racism from black or mixed race folks in this decade. 

2. Africans represent the majority of the Black community in the UK and therefore from your own words and experience with them you acknowledge that most "black" folks are good decent people just like Sikhs.

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