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But since Prophet Muhammad had sex with a 9year old girl (Aisha) when he was 54, had eleven wives and many dozens of slavegirls that their own Hadiths confirm he had sex should there really be any murders?

Even ex-Muslims who have ditched Islam are exposing Prophet Muhammad:

Sina's Challenge www.faithfreedom.org

I receive many emails from angry Muslims, who sometimes beg me, and sometimes order me to remove this site. I consider both, pleading and bullying, signs of psychopathology. Argumentum ad baculum and argumentum ad misericordiam are both logical fallacies.

If you do not like this site and want me to remove it, instead of acting as a bully or as a victim, disprove my charges against Muhammad logically. Not only will I remove the site, I will publicly announce that Islam is a true religion. I will also pay

$50,000 U.S. dollars

to anyone who can disprove any of the dozen of the accusations that I have made against Muhammad. I accuse Muhammad of being:

a narcissist

a misogynist

a rapist

a pedophile

a lecher

a torturer

a mass murderer

a cult leader

an assassin

a terrorist

a mad man

a looter

I have debated with many Muslims. Their defense of Islam can be summarized in two categories:

  • Denial of the authenticity of Islamic sources that report the stories of crimes of Muhammad (example: debate with Edip Yukssel, a leader of the Submitters)
  • Moral relativism and situational ethics, e.g., “In those days, pedophilia, assassination, rape, raid, pillage, massacre and lying, were common practices, so Muhammad is innocent because he did what everyone else was doing.” Muslims even go as far as to question the legitimacy of the Golden Rule to claim I do not have any basis to condemn Muhammad. In other words, who can say what is good and what is evil? That is up to the messenger of God to decide. (Example: debate with Yamin Zakaria)

These are the main two arguments that Muslims present in defense of Islam. Any rational person can see they are logical fallacies.

These charges are irrefutable. You simply can't disprove them because they are reported in Islamic sources and as such they are as good as confession.

You can't acquit a criminal after he has confessed, unless you plead insanity, which is my point.

Muslims often ask: "Who will judge whether or not an attempt to disprove your accusations against Muhammad and Islam, was successful?" The readers will be the jury. It is not difficult to see which side is right once both arguments are presented without one side fearing the other. I will publish the debates in this site. My opponents are also encouraged to publish them in any Islamic site. Please note that I will not accept face to face debates. The debates must be in writing.

Edit 2007/07/29

The above challenge was issued in 2001 and it hasn't been met yet. See the debates I had with Muslims. Also see the pathetic attempt of some Muslims trying to refute me here , here, here and here. Is that all the Muslim world can offer? Where are the scholars of Islam? Why such an important task is left to a bunch of amateurs who actually do more damage to Islam? Isn't it time that the real scholars come forth and refute my charges?

The truth is that several of the people that debated me were real scholars, such as the eminent Pakistani scholar Mr. Javed Ahmed Ghamidi and his disciple Dr. Khalid Zaheer. This debate is a must read and is available for download. Dr. Zaheer is a learned man, a moderate Muslim and a good human being. I have utmost respect for him.

As of this date (2007), I will no longer debate with people who want to debate anonymously. I only debate with reputable scholars. I made this decision because often, Muslims moved by their faith and zealotry, but with little knowledge of Islam, challenge me to debate. They rehash the same tried and refuted arguments that bore everyone and disappear. Then, other Muslims, either accuse me of fabricating those debates or pooh-pooh my opponents for not being scholars.

As of this day, I am also doubling the reward. If you are not a reputable scholar, you can still win the prize. All you have to do is persuade a scholar to debate with me. If he (she) disproves my charges or can prove that Muhammad was a prophet of God, both you and he (she) will be rewarded $50,000 dollars each. This is to encourage you to write to your admired scholar and convince them that Islam is in danger and that it is their duty to defend it. Once you write to invite someone, please CC a copy to us for announcing the invitation. Our email is faithfreedom2 (at) gmail.com

Yes, Islam is in grave danger. Never, since its inception, Islam has faced a threat as serious as this. Today, millions of ex-Muslims are questioning the claimed truth of Islam, can make their criticisms heard worldwide, and unlike before, not fear for their lives. As long as these questions are not answered, this trend is only bound to continue, until the trickle becomes a torrent and the fall of Islam becomes obvious. In the past, the critics of Islam briefly shined like lamps in darkness, only to be put out by winds of persecution. What is happening today can be likened to the break of the dawn. Darkness has no chance in front of this much light. Muslims are waking up and leaving Islam like never before. A spiritual and intellectual revolution is underway. This is the century of enlightenment of the benighted Muslims. The giant is finally awakening. The days of Islam are numbered. This demon of hate and ignorance will be slain by the hands of its own primary victims. The unity of mankind and the world peace are around the corner.

Please advertise this challenge. Every Muslim must see it. This is like throwing water on their fire. Nothing will dampen their zeal more than the realization that among a billion Muslims there is not a single scholar who can prove the wild claims of Muhammad, nor acquit him of these grave charges. This unmet challenge has a sobering effect on them. They can make any excuse, such as, I am not worth their response, that there have been greater men than me who opposed Islam, or that I have been refuted already, but they will not be able to fool themselves. The more this challenge is circulated, the more Muslims will be forced to remain silent and doubt Islam. Do not undermine the psychological effect of this impossible challenge.


Ali Sina

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What these muslims did is psychotic, barbaric and evil and cannot be compared to the cartoonists. If the same was done of Guru Sahib, and "Sikhs" resorted to the same actions by murdering innocent peo

Remember, we are dealing with Al-Qaeda trained terrorists on the watch list's of multiple countries. Just like the pilots who flew the planes into the twin towers on 9/11, these terrorists are hardly

it's definitely not the same ...whereas our faujis directed their attacks only on the targeted individuals no collateral deaths/injuries were acceptable these scummy jihadis go for maximum death and

I have a few views on this matter

1) The killing of 12 unarmed civilians who just created cartoons no matter how vile can never be justified and is absolutely an evil crime.

2) There is a video on the internet that states within 30years Muslims will have enough majority to form a government in France. Western Europe has a serious Muslim demographics problem that poses an ideological threat to their nations way of life. Islam culturally cant exist with other cultures and ways of life thats a given every non-muslim knows this. The problem is how to get them out of europe or make them change their religion is what the powers that be are not overtly trying to sort out. So all sort of schemes will be created in next few years to ensure survival of western world vs the islamic demographic time boomb that is coming in the near future that can sway enough votes to elect an islamic government.

3) Also there is no such thing as freedom of speech these french cartoonists that mock religion they are mocking religions to be viciously provocative yet if they create images of pro-pedo stuff or pro-woman bashing or pro-killing then they will arrested so where is the absolutely freedom of speech and expression then? Why does the UK and USA arrest and jail trolls who just post racist nonsense on social media against jews, blacks, asians, whites, politicians and individuals?

Where is their right of freedom of speech and expression? Because cartoons demonising jews as rich banksters created by the nazis in germany led to the german population to hate on the whole jewish community and in turn lead to world war 2.....there was race riots in 1970s/80s due to racist speeches ./ expressions by white people against minorities which lead to anti-racist legislation. So there is not such thing as absolute right to free speech and expression its subjectively in regards to the population of the nation.

4) Western governments aid despotic and authoritarian regimes aboard with covert deals in the desert, financially aid packages to keep their puppets in power in order to have the control and power over resources of foreign lands. Which creates unstable people of that region determined to take up arms against the western countries that brought death and destruction to their people.

5) Everyone intelligent now knows these days that the evil corrupt banksters are the ones who fund Western government politicians who in turn fund jihadi islamic terrorist groups by paying off mullahs by proxy via militry intelligence agents. And the jihadi's in turn does the bidding of paid of islamic leader mullah. So the leader of these organisations takes orders on what act the western government wants them to commit in order to create pretext for foreign wars and invasions to steal resources of foreign lands and as an added bonus to take away your civil liberties and human rights via undemocratic secret trails and intrusive surveillance legislations.

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Such a pity, so much of hatred, of violence, of racism ..... it is horrible and certainly disgusting.

There are some conclusions to be taken in account, everytime these stupid things happen, in order to avoid them or minimize them, cause as long as this world will continue, foolish humans will continue behaving so ....

There is One God, he is not a hindu, christian, muslim or sikh.

He is like the Sun up over there.

Through His Light, He reaches all corners.

It is foolish to say or think, just because His Light enters my room, my land, my country....so we try to garb it and make it ours.

That is the problem, instead to make ourselves His lovers, and stay in His will, we do the contrary, we want to make Him as one of us or ours, as with a physical person, so naturally this can never be acheived, and rather we will become mad and stupid fanatics, and this will lead us to unnescessary conflicts and violence.

Ik Noor se sabh jug oopjay, kaun bhale kau mandey ...

Respect each and every person, irrespective of faith, gender, color or class ....

Do not try to force your opininos and faith on others.

Express yoursef with rationality, but giving space, and time...do not try to convert anyone, as, each one´s destiny is already written...as per his/her stay in the mayavee creation.

So what if someone believes or not, what we deem to be correct .... So what if we are many or alone.... each one of us, will have to go alone from here ....

So why so much show off and trying to force others and gain such multiplicity?

How de we get any spiritual benefits from all this nonsense?

The path of spirituality has to be walked by each soul alone, no mother father or brother can go with us there, so how can we expect multitudes walking towards Him there ?

Nonsense/moorakta has no limits....

Have we not heard: Sach Khand vasey Nirankar.

And if it is only Nirankar over there, where does, I, me, you, he, she, we, you, they, at all have any place?

If ever we have to make any sacrifice, let us not show the world openly outwardly, this has no value in His eyes, rather let us kill our polluted minds with His Name.

Sat Sree Akal.

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Be careful when judging the French government with respect to the Sikhs. Don't forget, when Sardar HS Malik, a Oxford University student, wasn't eligible to be commissioned into the British army because he was 'Indian', the French Air Force accepted him with open arms. He was an ambulance driver in the French Croix Rouge. Much to the embarrassment of his Oxford tutors, who pulled a few strings with the RAF and the rest as they say is history.

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At the end of the day we Sikhs have a duty to rise above everything and everyone else and stand for truth. For that reason, we stand with the fallen victims and we also understand the hurt felt by Muslims.

But we go one step further.....we rise above our governments, our media etc who try and manipulate our minds and tell us what to think and how to think it.

On the very same day as the Paris attack 37 seven innocent people in Yemen were murdered in a terrorist attack by islamic extremists.


Where's Obama's statement of sorrow about them ?

Where's David Cameron's statement of solidarity with them ?

Why aren't our flags being lowered in their memory ?

Why aren't Scotland Yard holding ceremonies in rememberance for them ?

Why is our media hardly mentioning it ?

2 bloody terrorist attacks on the same day. One claims 12 lives and the other claims 37 dark brown lives.

When you see how little value is placed on those brown lives remember to look in the mirror and see what category you fall into. That way you'll know if yours, and your children's lives have the same value as the europeans.

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At the end of the day we Sikhs have a duty to rise above everything and everyone else and stand for truth. For that reason, we stand with the fallen victims and we also understand the hurt felt by Muslims.

Agree with the above statement..

There is always HUGE inequality over the death of a brown person and white person. Compare coverage of death of 100+ kids in Pakistan vs. France attack.

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Jagsaw singh makes a few mind thinking points... but a question that I have for everybody, this means answer the question not sway from it with a counter question..especially for the likes of jkvlondon.....

chaar shabizaade film could have chosen for guru gobind singh ji to speak, but decided to narrate instead...what are your thoughts?

If chaar shahibzade showed physical sex of guru gobind singh and mata jito (though we know better)..what are your thought?

A picture of an amritdhari singh 'bumming' a women with a kirpan...saying in a cartoon bubbly- 'teek ah teeyeh '..translated to 'are you ok daughter'....(1984)...what are your thoughts..

Fantasy tale tells us we would not reacet in this way 'they' respect us....who's us?

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Why are people surprised about Muslims attacking France, precisely those who totally made a mockery of their prophet. The west is a bully and so is the Muslims. The west invaded the Muslims country and the Muslims came back and blow up the world trade centers and killed thousands. Was not this one act by the Muslims enough for the west to understand they will not stop attacking the west for continually poking them? The west attacked other lands like India and they slowly conquered the people to become passive including the Sikhs. The west thought they could do the same to the Muslims and walk away with little damage. The west messed with the wrong people. They messed with psychopaths that breed and train others to kill the Muslims enemy.

Both sides are not innocent in these exchanges of destroying each other. The west wants to dominate the world because they are hungry for power and money. Muslims want to dominate the world for power to rule the world and convert non Muslims.

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Jagsaw Singh has stated all valid points on this topic. The thing is, the headlines in the news we receive will always be edited the way in which the government wants the world to view the situation. Just like the BBC and the coverage of 1984.

The fact that some Sikhs view is that it's total wrong the way these people have acted is valid too, there were other roots before taking the sword however, we cannot stand on our high horse and act that we're so open to critism of Sikhi. As again, one sikh mentioned, we do not have any body act/voice over our guru sahiban.

At the end of the day, yes Islam is the cause of many of the worlds problems at present. But as people on the street, we know it's not a clear cut story as we all think. When EDL protests were happening in my locality, the small Pakistani Muslim community and small sikh community both helped one another as both the mosque and gurdwara had been attacked. Day and night security was set up whilst the Muslims went to pray by the Sikhs and the Muslims guarded the gurdwara with the Sikhs during the protest. Whether we agree or disagree with many points on religion and ethics, respect on a personal, street level is another thing.

The fact of the matter is, the majority of people still will think a sikh is a "p*ki" and Muslim. They do not know we're Sikhs and don't care. The Sikhs who fought in the world war have been forgotten by the west at best, as the gowvernment once again used the Sikhs. No documentary comes on prime time TV about Indias soldiers including Muslims. No rememerance takes the names if the nations and people who fought alongside them in counties up and down the uk.

My point being, all brown people are known as rag heads and ultimately "p*ki". The west will not aknowledge their role in playing the terrorist. The French paper has no right in their radical constant p*ss take of what other people hold sacred.

However other methods could have been used, in our own history, should shaheed Bhai Satwant Singh and Shaheed Bhai Beant Singh of maybe protested in striking from work, held protest rallies at side gov. offices? Why as Sikhs, do we then celebrate their judgement on the matter?

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The reason you won't hear about Yemen on the news is because it is not on the West's backyard. It is far away, you won't hear much about it on muslim media either because it is muslims killing muslims. The muslims in the west and the left wing elements don't bother either unless it involves Israel.

Plenty of other things done by the members of the Islamic religion in Europe that we do not hear about. We talk about grooming in the UK but how much do we know about the Malmo, Sweden that has become the rape capital of Europe. Gang rapes have become prevalent there.

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You're not looking at things objectively jkvlondon. Also, you don't seem to be in possession of the full facts.

Firstly, Muslims....like us Sikhs...do not take kindly to their prophet being depicted in any form. Christians and Jews have no such issue - their faith encorages depiction of their prophets - but those Christians should be mature, intellient and understanding enough to appreciate how such an issue is a gigantic issue with both Muslims AND Sikhs.

Secondly, what the mainsteam media is to some extent witholding from us is what those 'cartoons' actually entailed. They say the word 'cartoon' knowing it conjures up innocent tom and jerry type images in our minds. The fact is, when Muslims started to complain about the drawings the magazine deliberately went one step further....some might say a step way too far....and the latest installment of the magazine depicted Mohammed with his genitalia hanging out erect having sexual liasions with all sorts of women.

Whilst absolutely none of us would condone the horrific murder that took place one has to look at things objectively and conclude that this 'free speech' mantra being repeated by the public must have its limits. Free speech should not mean the freedom to wilfully and deliberately hurt and destroy the very essence of others' beings simply because their belief is alien to yours.


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