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Sad news about Deep Sidhu!


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Deep Sidhu killed in road accident: Two days on, truck driver arrested

Police said the driver has been identified as Qasim Khan, a resident of village Singar, Nuh. According to police, the driver said he was transporting coal from Ahmedabad to Muzaffarnagar at the time of the incident.

Two days after Punjabi actor and activist Deep Sidhu died in a road accident after his Mahindra Scorpio allegedly rammed into a truck on Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) highway in Sonepat, police Thursday arrested the truck driver in the case.

Police said the driver has been identified as Qasim Khan, a resident of village Singar, Nuh. According to police, the driver said he was transporting coal from Ahmedabad to Muzaffarnagar at the time of the incident. Police sources said the accused was arrested from Delhi Bypass.

Jaspal Singh, station house officer (SHO) of Kharkhoda police station, said the accused truck driver admitted during questioning that the incident took place due to his negligence.

“He claimed the truck was moving and he hit the brake due to negligence on his part, following which the Scorpio rammed into rear of his truck,” he said.

Police said he would be produced in a court in Sonepat tomorrow and taken on remand.

Deep Sidhu’s brother, Surjeet, had filed a police complaint at Kharkhoda police station, claiming that the truck driver had applied brakes suddenly, which resulted in the accident, claiming Sidhu’s life. An FIR was registered under IPC sections 279 (rash driving) and 304 A (causing death by negligence

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20 hours ago, proudkaur21 said:

Now there is another twist what is even happening? 

Seems to be reaching too far..but if were true would it be shocking..no

I tried to think rationally last few days if it could be a 'unfortunate accident'...but it doesn't add up..his photos, the crash, he was under track gps..

What your thoughts on it being horrific accident..? Whats are the chance..Spoke to some who said they are being open minded not delving too much is 

I know some of these panthic posts/orgs..have too much blind conspiracy on every last thing is blamed rss/hindvustas 

Personally believe the truck driver was tipped off 



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What you said about Badals..this is what spins my head ..you hear like 10 ppl same same thing about Punjab badals capt 84 ..then next few you meet will tell you its not what it all seems they were 'there on the ground' older generation...then you reach books/media etc ..then just think ok let use rational thinking are they really bad bad as its seems..put yourself in that position during the time..maybe playing both sides (nothing is perfect) wanted best at heart but were used and odds were against them then you think like kps gill and think yes evil like that can exists ..its never ending and truth is we will never know 100% what went on during those times what the intentions were... no matter how many unlces aunties you listen too

Side note, no point dwelling on those views on Deep Sidhu..ppl can have their opinions and if your mind is made up fair enough you cant see bigger pic or important pressing issues at stake right now for kaum that we been having since 47  ..just proves point we barely have tip of iceberg, yet we cant even agree to disagree or being on same page not on all issues but important pressing things atm...we aint got the thinking like the rest example Jews..no matter what issues they have within in their community majority Jew left or right most liberal to hard-core zionist they will always be on same page about they will never be wiped off again with Jewish homeland ...imagine after the holocaust they'd be doing what we are doing right now 'This goes again Jewish values/Torah' lol

You see that with Muslim/ Arabs, Brahmins Hindus and then there is us ...?


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