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Ideally, how many children should Sikhs be having?

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1 hour ago, Premi5 said:



Huge procession in Eastville in memory of ‘great woman’ who had 100 grandchildren

Gurbachan Harbans Kaur Khalsa was a prominent member of Bristol’s Sikh community

Beth CruseSenior reporter
  • 16:17, 11 MAR 2022
  • UPDATED21:39, 11 MAR 2022


An incredible procession in memory of a ‘great woman’ who was a prominent member of Bristol’s Sikh community brightened the streets of Eastville this morning (Friday, March 11).

Gurbachan Harbans Kaur Khalsa passed away at the age of 90 on March 1 after suffering from dementia.

She had more than 100 grandchildren, including great-grandchildren, who turned out in great numbers to remember her extraordinary life.

Gurbachan was married to Shingara Singh Khalsa, who passed away in 2019, and founded the city’s first Sikh temple. The pair were dedicated to helping others, and were described as "massive figures" in the Sikh community.


Her emotional send-off started at her home address on Glenfrome Road in Eastville. At around 11.45am, Gurbachan was transported to the Sikh Temple in Fishponds by horse and carriage, followed by a truck with a Sikh flag playing music, and a long line of funeral cars.

Her grandchildren followed the horse and carriage on foot singing traditional Sikh music and holding a painting in her memory, passing the Eastville M32 roundabout as motorists stopped to allow passage. Two of her grandchildren lit colourful flares as they approached the Temple.


Gurbachan's grandson Hardeep Singh said: "She was a great woman. She was very religious as a 'khalsa.'" Khalsa is a group into which committed Sikhs can be initiated to demonstrate their devotion to their faith.

"But a few years ago she started deteriorating due to her age," Hardeep said. "It's going to be hard, but she's gone to a better place.

"It's sad to see her go but we're here to celebrate the long life she had."

Well I hope remembering her grandchildren's names wasn't a criteria for determining mental faculty. Incredible. 

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3 hours ago, SinghPunjabSingh said:

The statistics imply a trajectory that there will be more than One Billion Muslims plus just across India, Pakistan and Bangladesh by 2050 in contrast to 20 million or less Sikhs in India by then unless our community gets serious about serious sewa and parchaar to non-Punjabi's in India (alongside the poorest communities in Punjabi and the Bihari's already resident in Punjab).


There are 25 million Sikhs in India. 1.72% in 2022.

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Guest guest

it depends on how much free time and money you have.   

please, if you are gong to have children, make sure YOU raise them, and raise them properly.  don't just shove them with a nanny or in some boarding school.  expecting other people to raise your children is not fair on the children.  and do you really expect strangers to care about your children, show them love and give them good moral guidance?

also don't expect your parents to raise them.  that's not fair either.  raising children is hard work.  your parents raised you and deserve time to relax!

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