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Sikh Farmers vs Muslim Gujjar clash in Majitha, Amritsar


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12 hours ago, proudkaur21 said:

They have political backing. Just see how Sikhs are being made to be the evil ones in this case. Anything that destroys us will be allowed to flourish with full political backing. Himachal has laws againts outsider settlement but if we in Punjab do the same you will find these Hindus spreading venom against us saying Punjab is part of India, anyone can buy land there.

Then we also need to build politically. But even politics stems from power and power brings leverage.

What leverage do we have?

Like proactive mentioned in another thread, the Sikh youth managed to twist the arms of the Himachal Pradesh govt.

For all our faults, we have the canny ability to galvanise and organise.

Hindus fear the threat of violence from Sikhs. We just have to be smarter with it.

With mob violence you have to target the leaders like you do with bullies.

You take out the ring leaders, the mob falls apart. 

You don't have to use violence all the time, but if you make their head space feel fear, you get them to behave the way you want them to.

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