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Sikh Farmers vs Muslim Gujjar clash in Majitha, Amritsar


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5 hours ago, proudkaur21 said:

@proactive @Kau89r8 @MisterrSingh

no matter how much humdardi you show to these people, they will always be snakes. i think on this forum itself people predicted their revival in Punjab a few years ago when there were news about dumb liberal Sikhs building mosques in Punjab and stuff. Hun leh lo. Quality over quantity doesn't work in stupid good for nothing system like democracies. its all about numbers.

Quantity brings a quality all of it's owm

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The alarming thing is that panthic media, barring a few journalists, have largely ignored this incident. We are still not seeing the gravity of the situation and our demographic disadvantage in Punjab. 

All the Sikhs of the village have gone undercover fearing for these lives as the administration and police are siding with the Gujjars. No FIR was registered against Gujjars for wounding Sikhs, gathering in mobs with the intent to riot, attacking the houses of the Sikhs, saying they would kidnap and rape the Sikh women. 

The Gujjars are not letting anyone come near the fields to get fodder for the cattle of the Sikhs. 

All of this is happening in East Punjab, our home. These things will become very common in the coming years. This is the payback for restoring mosques for these people and setting examples of 'communal harmony'...

Now is the time for our media to cover this incident, Sikh orgs and Nihangs should go to the village to show our strength otherwise these Gujjars will attempt other attacks on Sikhs in the near future.

BTW, one of the Muslim attackers that was shot dead had undressed himself while banging on our doors, shouting that he would kidnap our women. Pehnchod got what he deserved.


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  • The title was changed to Sikh Farmers vs Muslim Gujjar clash in Majitha, Amritsar

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