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Sikhs have been complacent to allow ex sikhs, people explicitly stating they do not believe or follow the faith, in the quota for jobs in the media, especially BBC.How are we going to get our issues on the agenda, if we we dont have no sikhs in the game.I have been lobbying the BBC ,about this lack of representation.Asian network has no sikh presenters in any form, forget a turban wearing sikh.All the presenters are ex sikhs, jumping on the  bandwagon to get the job s, later stating they are atheist. Wake up sikhs, 10000 sikhs pay for a tv licence, we want represntation .The  sikh media should be highlighting these issues too.

A sikh = person who states he is a sikh ,accepts the ten gurus and guru  sri guru granth granth sahib ji.Any thing  above or more is their personal choice.Please do not take this topic down the road of who is a sikh or not.Its just one long sikh road

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